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Admin can't edit migrated topic

Hi Guys,

I've recently migrated our forum from UseBB to Vanilla ( ) and now have a minor issue where an admin user can't edit the discussion topic of a migrated discussion

basically i edit the topic of certain discussion and add stuff in like [Bug:Open] etc.. so i can easily search for Open issues etc.

i can edit the topics of new discussions fine - but migrated discussions i can only edit the discussion/comments and not the topic

does anyone know if there a field in the any of the tables that may be limiting this ability that the migration script didn't pick up or something?




  • Describe what happens instead--it'll help us figure out whats going on.

    Does it let you edit the message body but not the topic title?
    Does it not even show the edit link?
    Does it go through all the right screens but fail at actually showing the changes?
    Does it give any error messages?
  • Thanks for the reply WallPhone,

    I can edit the message body - just not the title (of the migrated discussions)
    - i click edit on the first post in the discussions

    I can see the edit link

    No Error messages displayed when opening into edit view or on saving an edit (be it on with or without the title working)

    On edit page where Title is editable i see the following fields:
    - Select the category for this discussion
    - Edit the discussion topic
    - Enter your comments

    On edit page where Title is not editable i see the following fields:
    - Enter your comments

    Example discussion that i can't edit the title of:
    - this is a migrated discussion

    Example discussion that i can edit the title of:
    - this is a new discussion since the migration

    Hope the above info help

    and thanks again - any help on this issue is greatly appreciated


  • edited June 2008
    Probably the first comment ID field is missing it's value in the discussion table.

    This SQL might fix it for you. If you are particularly adventurous you can run this and see what it does (most likely nothing--I haven't tested it yet--but make a backup first, just in case--unlikely but it might break editing for all discussions).
    Otherwise stay tuned and I'll let you know if it will work.UPDATE LUM_Discussion SET FirstCommentID = ( SELECT LUM_Comment.CommentID FROM LUM_Comment WHERE LUM_Discussion.DiscussionID = LUM_Comment.CommentID ORDER BY LUM_Comment.DateCreated LIMIT 0, 1 ) WHERE FirstCommentID <= 0 OR FirstCommentID IS NULL;
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    My SQL update doesn't seem to work, but you might want to try updating the discussion table with the first posts' Comment ID (visible in the URL when you edit the comment) and see if that lets you edit properly.

    I'll see about a way to automate that for you so you don't have to do it for each one.
  • Thanks WallPhone

    i'll review the table data and set this value

    thanks again for your help - will let you know if it works


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