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3G iPhone



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    I like the phone but it's buggy. Very buggy. Plus the silent switch has fallen off on mine and I barely used it. MobileMe is pants. Subscribed but it kept deleting stuff from the calendar or removing contacts I'd just added to the phone. The opposite of what it should have done. Unsubscribed. Can't be arsed with that. Even if they are offering free usage for 2 months. It's a good phone but I hope this latest firmware update stabilises it. As it stands my N95 was a lot more stable.
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    Mine's only ever crashed when trying out crappy free games and my knob's fine thanks.

    Are you sure you have your calendar and syncing prefs set up correctly?

    Mine's worked flawlessly since the start, even with all the MobileMe hassles, and I've tried to break it believe me, such a breath of fresh air compared to my Nokia which duplicated my contacts every time instead of syncing.

    The latest update did fix a little delay when calling up the address book, perhaps other things too, I'm wrapped with my iPhone and my THREE free months!

    Posted: Thursday, 21 August 2008 at 8:09PM

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    The most crashes have been with Safari. The iPod has crashed a few times but that's mainly been because Safari has eaten up all the memory. I don't have many apps installed. Most of the games there are ones I had on my N95 in some form and were crap then. Updates have fixed a few things for me but the safari crashes are ongoing. I'm starting to wonder if I have a defective unit because it does become very hot at times. I mainly use safari on the train to and from work and I can really feel the device heating up. Plus I've left it on my desk a few times and been amazed how hot it is. Mainly in the area of the silver Apple logo on the back. There's not really a lot of preferences in MobileMe. At least not on the PC version of things. To be sure though I followed the instructions on the site. It only happened a few times but that's too much for me. With that sort of thing I don't have a lot of trust to give when it involves that sort of data. Luckily I noticed it had deleted it whilst the person was still there. I'm amused you've tried to break yours. I've not even tried to test it as far as it'll go yet and I've had faults. Actually, it's been more stable since I jailbroke it the other night.
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    I have 8 pages (screens?) full of apps! I thought that might break it.
    Mine gets warm at times but never hot, mind you it's freezing in Melbourne at the moment.

    Maybe take it to an Apple Store to get it checked out?
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    It's going to an Apple store anyway. I've been reading the support forums to see if anyone else has had their "knob" fall off. It seems a few people have and in each case they've had a replacement phone. I'll definitely mention the heating up though. In the meantime I'll keep sending the diagnostic reports to Apple in the hope that something gets done. They opened an Apple store near me a few months ago so it's all good. Just need to get an appointment at the Genius Bar at a time I can get there. Only open late 2 nights a week and I'm busy for the next few weekends. GAH!
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    dan39dan39 New
    edited August 2008
    I would take it in to the Apple Store. That doesn't sound right. My Safari has only crashed twice in the past month. And it happened on the same day. Turning the phone on and off fixed the issue that one time.

    On a side not, I've there have been complaints and reports about the dropped calls in 3G. But it turns out that the new 3G Blackberry Bold is dropping calls as well, even though it has a very different hardware configuration. So, people are now starting think that AT&T's 3G network is to blame.
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    I managed to get an appointment for Thursday evening. Someone must've cancelled or something because it wasn't there before. It's sounding more and more like I managed to get a duff phone. I've not really noticed the dropped calls in 3G. There's been one or two but nothing more than I've experienced. What I have noticed is quite a few calls failed before it actually makes the call. I'm assuming that's the same thing. The weirdest thing I've had is that sitting on my desk at work it can have full 3G and then drop to 1 or 2 bars before going up again and then going down to 1 or 2 again. I only got that after the .0.1 update. Still have it after the .0.2 update. As it's going into the Apple Store on Thursday I've now removed the jailbreak. Shame, with the crashing I was really finding the scrobble app useful.
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    I got my first drop in 3G service today at a client's office building. One of the guys saw me fiddling and he came over with his phone and asked if I had service. We were both with the same provider and both had no 3G, didn't even drop back to EDGE.

    I saw him at afternoon tea and his service had come back as had mine. I'm sure this is a service provider issue.

    The GPS is almost useless indoors, especially in multi-storey buildings, I guess it's designed for outside use.
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    GPS as a technology cannot be used indoors. It needs line of sight to the satellites. Even apple cant beat that but you should be able to get rough positions based on network information.
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    And if you have mobile service at the time, it will attempt to triangulate your position with that information as well. But as Minisweeper said, without line of sight to the satellites, there's no GPS device that will get you true GPS accuracy.
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    Yes I know all that but my car GPS unit does a good job when I bring it indoors to program a trip. It knows where I am within 5 feet, the iPhone (indoors) barely finds my block most of the time let alone my house.

    Any way, no big deal, outside it rocks and I've avoided having to ask directions many a time already.

    Posted: Thursday, 28 August 2008 at 7:53PM

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    To be fair, the car GPS unit is a dedicated product with a much stronger GPS chip whereas the iPhone has it more as a bonus, in my opinion. If I need a location indoors I just shove it by the window. It gets a marginally better location that way. The Apple Store just replaced my iPhone. No quibbles, I didn't have to ask they just said "Oh right, sorry about that. I'll get you a replacement." That's the sort of service I like. 10/10 to Apple for that. Sadly I wasn't able to backup my iPhone before I went to the store. It tried but kept failing. Most annoying as that's the first time that's happened. Oh well, it's only a couple of days worth of messages and there was nothing majorly important there. This iPhone actually feels more solid for some reason. I think I was unlucky and got a duff one. These things happen.
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    I eventualy got my iPhone and i'm amazed how it's great (posting on it)!
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    Are you using a particular theme?
    The standard theme does not work well for me, it jumps all over the place as I type.
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    Nope, with 2.1 standard theme, I see no such behavior so far.
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