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Anyone with Konfab widget experience?

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I know I know.. I shoul be posting this in the Konfab support forums. I haven't received any help from anyone there so I figured I'd ask here since you're all a bunch of coding monkey's. It's javascript.

I wanted to create a simple widget that would show the most recent posts for a weblog. I adapted some code from a widget I had seen today and threw it all together. Everything works fine on the initial run. Once it updates - I'm assuming - it stops working. No feeds are shown. I'm not sure if the problem is with the feed itself, or with the widget code. If I restart Konfabulator the widget will pull the recent posts.

So, if anyone is willing to look at the code, let me know. I'll refrain from posting it all here for now.


  • mattmatt ✭✭
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    I built a Konfabulator Widget when it was OS X only. The Ceefax Viewer Dashboard widget is also mine. What happens when you switch debug on? Also, you can put your own debug statements in the code to see where it falls over. Come on now, you can do this!
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    Alright! A reply...

    Well I got everything just fine and dandy. There is one slight little problem that's making me pull my hair out.

    I'm feeding a wordpress xml feed through it and I'm getting funky characters. Example:

    Ok darn it I don't know how to type out what's going on so here's the screenshot:

    The title above should read 'Miracle Mouse' - The real...

    I tried using *descString = decsString.replace("", ""); to swap it out for the correct character but it's not working. The debug menu will pop up with an error saying that descString.replace is not a function. I have no idea how to make this work. Titles that end up with funny characters end up getting pushed off the side of the widget.

  • lechlech Chicagoland
    edited September 2005
    ‘ ’ are html entities for ‘ & ’ your widget or rss viewer should probably be reading those as regular html
  • I figured out that my problem was the encoding on the .kon file. Problems solved :)

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