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IE6 - wrong div"content" rendering (SOLVED)

edited July 2008 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Can't find either problem or any information on this situation:
forum reflects in IE6 this way image
i.e. a lot of space before discussions list


  • Yup, known issue, there's a fix.

    Don't use IE6!

    Upgrading to IE7 is free, as is using Safari or Firefox instead.

    Posted: Sunday, 6 July 2008 at 2:47PM

  • Thought it was fixed in one of Vanilla's point releases, but see if this is applicable: All discussions' position in IE

    Explorer Exposed! might help for future IE6 problems. The Underscore Hack works if you don't want to fuss with conditional comments.

    But IE6 is dead, dead, dead. I think the upgrade path is the best solution (to IE7, Firefox, Opera or even Safari if that floats your boat).
  • yeah IE 6 is dead and i don't have problems with this cos' i use mozilla but what about users? i don't want to miss "clients" using IE 6 - that's the point of my problem. :)
  • See if shrinking the sidebar a fraction makes all discussions fit, or perhaps all discussions can be made just a bit smaller. Along the lines of "99%" vs. "100%" — enough to make the math work for IE.
  • still can't identify problem solution :( i tried to use vanila.css from 1.2 release - no changes...
  • Is it an extension you have? (Stuff Displayer is mentioned here as a culprit):
    When IE isn't maximized, can't see discussions

    I see your site is using the Nuggets extension, with widths in pixels, percentages and ems. You might try to standardize your sidebar panel widths along Vanilla's default 201px and alter it from there.

    After trying to figure it out in IE6 I realized I didn't have access to 1. tabs, 2. the WebDeveloper extension. And it was more painful... Sorry...
  • edited July 2008
    yeap i use nuggets but when i turn it off the problems still exists. i thied this with other extensions i use. and i use latest vanilla release 1.1.4. i guess something wrong with divs in this situatation but i don't have enough css knowledge to find out what... :( can it be a wrong default theme installation. can anybody describe a pair of possible tests\fixes? BTW, this problem exists only on "blogthis" page, categories and discussions pages, any other pages are ok... ps. what i know for sure that i'll prefer to miss clients than using any other engine ;) but why miss when it's possible to find out and fix the problem...
  • edited July 2008
    Supposed i solved this stuff, i added to vanila.css "width:99%;": #Content { margin:0px 18px 0px 235px; width:99%; } damned IE ps. but now i noticed some kind of problem in opera 9.51... width of content area is more against, but at least it's up to menu.
  • > damned IE

    QFT. But glad you solved it. :)
  • btw now i noticed some problems in normal browsers (opera, firefox), so i decided to use conditional comment - it didn't work out... so i used "Underscore Hack": _width:99%; and now it seems everything is totally ok, including "opera problem". :)
  • This didn't solve my IE6 problem by the way. I added _width:99%; and width:99%; to vanilla css #Content but I still have that 500pixels top margin in my forum.
  • My whole vanilla forum has this big space on top in IE6 but this forum is fine. Can I see the #Content code of this forum please? maybe I'm missing something. Mine is : #Content { margin:0px 18px 0px 235px; padding-top: 0px; _width:90%; } I even added padding-top: 0px but that didn't work either. I already tried width:99%; but it didn't work. I put 90% because 99% is creating a horizontal scroller. My Theme is Vanilla as well.
  • Here is the css of this forum here.
  • My problem is still there. Can someone please help me how to add a div or table below the Login page "forum/people.php" I'm just going to put a message telling people to upgrade to IE7. Please. Here's the code to this page. include("appg/settings.php"); $Configuration['SELF_URL'] = 'people.php'; include("appg/init_people.php"); // Define properties of the page controls that are specific to this page $SignInForm = $Context->ObjectFactory->CreateControl($Context, "SignInForm", "frmSignIn"); $Leave = $Context->ObjectFactory->CreateControl($Context, "Leave"); $ApplyForm = $Context->ObjectFactory->CreateControl($Context, "ApplyForm", "ApplicationForm"); $PasswordRequestForm = $Context->ObjectFactory->CreateControl($Context, "PasswordRequestForm", "PasswordRequestForm"); $PasswordResetForm = $Context->ObjectFactory->CreateControl($Context, "PasswordResetForm", "PasswordResetForm"); // Add the controls to the page $Page->AddRenderControl($Head, $Configuration["CONTROL_POSITION_HEAD"]); $Page->AddRenderControl($Banner, $Configuration["CONTROL_POSITION_BANNER"]); $Page->AddRenderControl($SignInForm, $Configuration["CONTROL_POSITION_BODY_ITEM"]); $Page->AddRenderControl($Leave, $Configuration["CONTROL_POSITION_BODY_ITEM"]); $Page->AddRenderControl($ApplyForm, $Configuration["CONTROL_POSITION_BODY_ITEM"]); $Page->AddRenderControl($PasswordRequestForm, $Configuration["CONTROL_POSITION_BODY_ITEM"]); $Page->AddRenderControl($PasswordResetForm, $Configuration["CONTROL_POSITION_BODY_ITEM"]); $Page->AddRenderControl($Foot, $Configuration["CONTROL_POSITION_FOOT"]); $Page->AddRenderControl($PageEnd, $Configuration["CONTROL_POSITION_PAGE_END"]); // 4. FIRE PAGE EVENTS $Page->FireEvents();
  • Please disregard my request. I finally fixed it by setting the width of my #Content to 80% But I need a favor please... I want to put a condition <!--[if IE6]> <link href="ie6.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"> <![endif]--> which file can I add this to? I appreciate it in advance. Thank you
  • Make a copy of head.php and put it in your theme folder.

    Near the end, here:
    echo $HeadString . '</head>

    Add your bit:
    echo $HeadString . '<!--[if IE6]> <link href="ie6.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"> <![endif]--></head>

    I think this will work...
  • pbear is this where the main css is located as well? Thanks for helping.
  • /themes/vanilla/styles/default/vanilla.css If you're going to edit vanilla.css, you want to make a new theme. That way you always have the original to fall back on. For a new theme just duplicate the "default" folder and rename it. Use the admin section of the forum to switch to the new style. So you would have: /themes/vanilla/head.php <-- your edited version /themes/vanilla/styles/default/... <-- and all the images, php files /themes/vanilla/styles/yournewtheme/... <-- a copy of "default" contents edited to your satisfaction. It's all there in: /themes/vanilla/readme.txt
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