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one of my threads is very slow loading

edited September 2008 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
recently, one of my threads is taking far longer than normal to load. it is quite a long thread, 50 pages and almost 2500 posts. you can click on the link in the discussions list, and the browser seems to hang for a good 10 seconds before loading the last page, slowly.

any ideas on what may be causing it? is there any easy way i can find out what queries it is running for that page, and how long they are taking?

thanks in advance!


  • btw, that's 50 posts per page displayed. will vanilla run selects for every post in that thread, or just the ones on the displayed page?
  • so, it appears that it's running queries for all 50 pages, even though it's only going to display one - surely this isn't that great an idea, right? :D

    is there any way to make this not happen in this fashion? i mean, it's not like any threads are going to get smaller in time, so this problem will come up again and again.
  • Actually, core Vanilla does use the LIMIT clause to only retrieve 50 posts from the database no matter what. My guess would be you have my Comment Links extension installed--which must look through prior pages to see how many comments shouldn't be counted to get an accurate count for the deep page. If you disable that extension, it will speed way up. I have a fix planned for fixing this, but its waiting time to test it out.
  • edited August 2008
    hah! would you like me to test it out for you right now? :D

    (i do have comment links installed, and turning it off speeds up the larger threads a lot)
  • /me whispers link to beta...
  • thanks wallphone!
  • Could I test it out too?
  • *bump* :)
  • any ideas, mr. wallphone?
  • Work is in progress... slowly but surely.
  • ok cool, thanks for that :)
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