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Question about this forum package

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I like what this package offers, but I have a few questions about it: Does this offer a 'moderation' system? Where the member can click, and send a TOS violation, in for moderation? Does this offer a 'Karma' system? For each day the user logs in, they get 1 Karma? I already have tabs on my site, can I impliment this forum, into my site, or do I have to go with the way it package looks, and it''s add ons? ^ ^ Basically, can I just have the forum package, and do what I want with it for my site, of is there a general layout, that stays on the forum? I have quite a few questions, but don't know where to ask them. Also: Is there a feature to transfer over the data/accounts on our current forum on (proboards) - it's our free one for now, until we can find the right package. Thanks in advance!


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    Welcome to Vanilla!

    Check out Report Post, I think that does what you are talking about in the first question.

    I'm not sure a 'Karma' system exists, and I'm not sure about the point of it either - perhaps you could expand on its usefulness.

    You can integrate the forum into your existing site (provided you're good enough with CSS!). Again, you can change the layout quite dramatically, eg Tabled, Ocean & Grace.

    Re: Proboards: You could migrate from proboards to phpbb then to vanilla?

    P.S. There's no need to double post in Vanilla as new posts always show up on the front page by default (unless you mod it), no matter what category you put them in.
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    A Karma system is an automatic thing. For example; everyday you are logged into your account, and view the forum(aka your account is active) - you get 1 karma. You get 1 karma everyday your account is active, so if you've been on your account 167 days out of the year, your karma would be 167 it's just a cool stat thing that a lot of forums have, good way to show who's been around a while.
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    I actually just developed (after two years of sitting on the idea and not being inspired enough to get it done) an Add-On called 'Community Moderation', which I hope to release soon. Basically, I don't do anything you have to look at, so the web developer of the site I created the extension for needs to work with me to finalize a couple of the display elements and CSS bits. I'm expecting to release it in early September, with an update if any changes are required to make it operate smoothly. While I will post more details later, my original post here about it can be found here: Right now, it has been mostly tested except not in a live environment, so I do not know how well it will perform for a forum of any particular level of traffic or number of users. However, it is extremely configurable. There are 15 permissions that it adds for you to assign to roles and 24 configuration variables that you can change from the Vanilla settings page. With the right configuration, it could easily track karma just as Sour described.
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