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The not so big CMS thread

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There is a plethora of CMS' out there and it is hard to pick one that suits your needs. We have already had some discussion siding the topic but it doesn't hurt to have a more indepth thread for this subject as it is pretty big topic afterall. So let's put a list of CMS engines here and maybe some description about them, which ones you use yourself and so on. I'll try to update the list of CMS' as we get further, but please leave pure blogging machines out of this, even tho they can be used to some content managing, they are not pure CMS engines. I haven't had the chance to test this out, but Joomla is the offshoot of Mambo when the development team split, maybe now we will have some actual standards compliant and accessible modular CMS with better template system. Ofcourse there is Drupal, but I can't comment much on that, it seems pretty complex but so do all CMS engines at first. But this is the one I'm researching for my next big web design project. Typo3, boy, if Drupal was complex, this is insane, it's like reading a bible written in some language you can't read. Way too much stuff, and I had to go through several pages of information before I found out which version of the CMS I had to download and install in order to get it working.


  • joomla looks cool, but where the hell is the download link? I can't see it anywhere? Is it publically available?
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    I guess it is publicly available, since several community members are hosting their sites with Joomla, but it still doesn't use pure CSS/XHTML template system which keeps me a mile away from that.

    Mark really should consider making a CMS :D

  • with vanilla as a framework/ api...
  • please leave pure blogging machines out of this, even tho they can be used to some content managing, they are not pure CMS engines.

    Heh.. And I was about scream and rant "what about Wordpress". :)

  • I love WP too, I'm using it as a mini CMS in my page atm. Basically the biggest reason for it being a good CMS is the template system. Only thing to rant about it is the pretty crappy navigation system, you just can't separate the page and subpage lists without hacking the WP engine.
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    Would you consider that as a CMS?
  • Ruby on Rails is where its at. Roll your own. I'm enjoying it immensely.
  • Oh no, we made Mark wait, and I don't even know what he is waiting. We are all doomed!
  • anyone fond a joomla download link yet?
  • disregard: Just found that.
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    SPIP: It's pretty flexible, has a huge documentation (french, english and so on), is perfect when you are managing sort of a magazine (from what I've understood, everything published is an article, each category having a different style if you want to) The pseudo-HTML needs learning, but once again documentation is there. edit: Internationalization appeared in Spip 1.7 and is fully implemented in 1.8.
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    I'm starting a new mediumish-sized site which needs a flexible CMS that allows for sidebar/homepage modules , and has a control panel that wouldn't bamboozle the client. Usually I use Wordpress for small sites but not this time I don't think. I'm thinking Joomla might be good, or ModX... has anyone used them recently? Looking at the demos, Joomla is pretty nicely put together (download from Sourceforge at Just need to find out how hard it is to style it...
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    Well if the client dosn't need any of the 'community plumbing' so many CMSs offer, I've found CMSimple to be extremely easy to manage.
  • Just checking out the new WordPress 2, easily my favourite publishing platform.
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    Wordpress 2 is nice, but the control panel's still a bit of a Goldie Hawn. Ta for CMSimple link :D
  • 3stripe if you already haven't tried phpwcms I really suggest that you check it out, it's a blast.
  • Cool, is there a demo of it anywhere, can't find one...
  • How about Plume? It shares the plugin structure that Vanilla does. Havn't tried anything with it myself, but is on the TODO list.
  • Typo looks awesome.
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