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Editing sign in page?

How can i edit the signin page?


  • meaning? If youre css competant, you'll notice theres a signin.css in your /styles/vanilla (or whatever) folder. You can play with that to get what you want.
  • Do you mean editing the content? Then it is in the dictionary files. If you could give us a little more detailed information, that would be great. It is a little hard to give you specific instructions at the moment though.
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    I mean to be able to edit the content... that's in dictionary? I've failed to find a folder or filed called Dictionary
  • yeah. check out /languages/English.php. The main bits you'll probably want to look at are 'About Vanilla' and the couple below that.
  • Ahh Thank you kindly...
  • Umm... it's in utf8... how can i use symbols like ® without it messing up?
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    edited September 2005
    If the character codes don't work for you, you can always change your character encoding in the appg/headers.php file. (note: this will be a configuration option in version 0.9.3)
  • What is normal character code? lol
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    edited September 2005
    utf8 seems to be the most popular by people on here.

    I don't really understand why using html character codes doesn't work for you. Like, if you want the © character, just type ©
  • well it works in the language file but when I try to use it in Banner title and application title... it displays a questionmark...
  • That'd be down to the Language settings on your computer and not a result of anything to do with what character code you use.
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    sorry. I wasn't clear on the dictionary/ language file. I was just on my way out, and thought I lend a hand in what little time I had available. I hope I didn't waste too much for your time by making you look for the language (English.php) file.
  • ah nah, i shouldve associated it... gonna check out my comp settings now I guess...
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    nope... my language settings are coprrect, this is weird...
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    the ® works everywhere else but in the banner and application title... including in other websites it works.
  • *blank expression
  • I have looked into it, but I can't seem to find the problem? It's frustrating I know. I'll keep at it though.
  • It's probably not too big a deal... but I'm pretty picky. BTW this is awesome software... as soon as I find a way to get ipb converted to vanilla, I will start converting all my forums to it.
  • convert ipb to phpbb and then convert to vanilla. I still havent got round to writing a straight converter for ipb. I'm so lazy :(
  • get to it mini!
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