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Let's help each other, let's give links..

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I ask you to put a link on a site you own or manage, if it is possible, and I ask you to do it simply because the good that this action generates is much greater than the action itself. So, I give and I lose nothing from this giving, but others benefit immensely. I understand that concept and I encourage you to trust this concept. Guys, I understand that such a request is not a regular one, but I dare ask hoping for your understanding and generousness. What I ask from you will take you less than a minute, and it would cost you nothing. However, the good that this mere action will generate for me is tremendous. I am generous for links, and I expect the same from you. Last year friendly Lussumo users and I exchanged links, and we have been supporting each other in that way since then, providing simple help on a "scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" basis. So I am willing to provide links too, only ask (more on sites below). I can put a link on my other personal useful site with PR 3. I will put your link on all pages. You can go and see that I have already put links gratis to Vanilla itself, and sites of vanilla users. Gratis. So don't hesitate to ask and I will put your links too. I ask you to put a link to my site (link details at the bottom). The site is a huge resource on writing which is helpful to anybody who wants to learn to write. It provides various writing advice for beginners and experienced writers, resume writing and business writing tips and much more. I am sure it will be of use to users of the sites you own. The site also offers writing services. If you don't know about the usefullness of links to your site, I tell you that Google considers links very imporant. The site I want you to link to is the following: URL: Preferred link texts: writing advice, writing tips, essays, essay writing service, custom essays (most preferred) Thanks, and hoping for your understanding and cooperation. If you want me to link to your site, please provide details (title and url). If you do decide to help, please give the page you put the link. Thanks again


  • To be more exact: Google considers non-reciprocal, content-appropriate links important. If your friend manages a website about fish and you manage a site about cars and you link to eachother that won't do anything good with Google. Search engines who give weight to those kinds of things are very quickly put out of business by linkfarmers.
  • RaizeRaize vancouver ✭✭
    Someone knows their SEO
  • SubJunk, you are wrong, although I hear many people think that way. Ask yourself this, what sites link to google? Are they all search engine-related sites? or maybe they are millions of sites on different topics? if what you said is true, then google would only count PR from search engine-related sites, which would not give google PR 10. but instead it counts everything.... every single PR 0 minor page.... so everything counts, I assure you..
  • Crash_D SubJunk is right to some degree. Google "weights" these links algorithmically less than links which are content appropriate. It systematically ranks all links into a site. So if a site has 100 links and 80 sites link are non reciprocal, it will award a much lesser weight than the other 20 which are content relevant. All links count, some just much more than others. Otherwise how would Google be able to accurately determine your sites ranking. Of course content is appropriate - it has to be as part of the page rank logic. Google gets PR 10, because everyone links to it :) Probably bad example. To use this example: "If your friend manages a website about fish and you manage a site about cars and you link to eachother that won't do anything good with Google." Should actually be "If your friend manages a website about fish and you manage a site about cars and you link to each other that wouldn't be as good as a site about cars linking to a site about cars. Or a finance site, writing an article about cars (content relevant) and link to your site about cars" Get the idea?
  • I'd like to invite all PDA users, especially medical ones, to my forum Cheers :)
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    Yeah andy231 that is what I was getting at exactly, you put it better than I did :)
    crash_D, ask yourself this: are the wonderful gurus who give you advice about SEO making more money from employing their own techniques or by selling them to other people to use, or do they actually have good examples of their websites that rank number 1 in Google for top terms. For example here and here and here and here... are just some of my websites that rank at the top for the best possible keywords, and those positions are largely due to good linking practices. I don't say this to blow my own horn, please understand, I am trying to give you good advice so that you can use it and see success yourself, without resorting to random reciprocal linking and other things that will waste hours and hours of your time for extremely little reward.
  • Thanks SubJunk, I appreciate that. Nobody gives me SEO advice, except you guys :) Anyway, thanks.. Guess the topic can be closed.
  • Good luck with your website/s mate, and if you have any questions about SEO I'm sure andy231 and I are happy to help with that
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    Thanks again,

    I do have a question, guys.

    Guys, I am seeing wonderful results in SERPs in Yahoo! (site in top 5 results), but no effect on sales. Can you please check my SERP in your country, couse I guess that's Yahoo! playing with geolocation. Please check the position for "custom essay" in Yahoo! Search and tell me the country and the position. Hope this is not difficult. Thanks,

    Oh and please comment on the phenomenon please. How can that be that I check myself (East Europe) and I am fifth, I then use different SERP checkers and the give weird results from 1st (!!) to 11th. I know SE's use geolocation etc, but could you please comment on this?
  • It shows up 5th for me in New Zealand.
    I think you would get more sales if you had more colors/graphics on the front page. here is a great example of what a landing page should be, it is an awesome combination of information and eye-candy. If you are seeing an increase in traffic but no increase in sales then you need to work on keeping and directing the traffic when it arrives :)
    I don't use Yahoo or check the results, because I've found it pointless in my experience, so I can't comment on the geolocation. However with Google if you make sure you are on (not or or whatever) the search results should be the same for everyone. The paid results on the right are different depending on where you live but the real results are the same.
  • Thanks, SubJunk. I am aware of what you are saying. If you compare my site to the others in the tops results you'll see mine is serious and strict, compared to the unusable and pointless "eye candy" present on competitors. This is industry-specific approach. Thanks for the results again.
  • Your website does look like it is great quality, I don't mean to be too critical, good job. With the link I gave before I think you will find that all of the graphics are very specific and informative, they all have a purpose and they add to the words on the page.
    Your website is marketing towards students and you complained of no increase in sales so I'm just thinking of ways to boost sales, I have years of real experience in making websites more successful, from websites that get hundreds of unique visitors per day to websites that get over a million per day. Students are one of the most tech-savvy demographics, they see websites all the time, and tasteful graphics are used by every large company's website no matter what their demographic is :) It is very common for websites to focus so much on SEO that they forget how to hold the visitors once they have found them using a search engine; number 1 in Google is no good if when a user sees the website they see no visual cues to guide them to common information in an easily digestible form. I am not accusing you of falling victim to this trap, but it is something to be mindful of.
    I don't mean to be obtrusive here, I know you didn't ask for this kind of advice. Most likely you will ignore it but if you keep going down the path of improving your website in time you will come to these same conclusions yourself, so I congratulate you for your future insight :)
  • thanks.... i do find this useful, so the next update I will sure take close attention to graphics....
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