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disable jump/ anchor to new posted comment

edited September 2008 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
hi, is there any way to disable the jump/anchor, to (my own/ somebody's) new posted comments? i changed the comment list order from "asc" to "desc" so that all new comments are displayed on top of the page. when somebody sents a new comment now, i want the page to be displayed cleanly from the top (like default), not a few pixels scrolled down to the start of the new posted comment. hope you understand what i mean ... many thx


  • is there no solution for this - or is it that nobody gets what i'm trying to explain? if so, please let me know and i'll try to explain it again ... thx for reading
  • if you look at the URL of this page, you'll see that it has at the end, e.g. #Item_3

    that's what you mean?
  • yes, this comment i'm writing right know has "#item_4" in the URL. when i press the button "add your comments", my comment will be published and my screen will jump to the new comment's location. This is what i do not want! after pressing "add your comments" i'd like to get the page displayed from the start (header) and not jumping to the recently published comment ... hope i explained it a little bit better this time. thank you
  • i figured out that an URL like ".../vanilla/comments.php?DiscussionID=2&page=1" (without "#item_x") would give me the result i want. how can i achieve that after posting "add your comments" the new URL will be like that? any hint would be nice.
  • SubJunkSubJunk ✭✭
    edited September 2008
    Go your installation folder then open the appg folder, in there open the file settings.php. If you are using FTP then make sure you download the file from the server before editing it. Go to line 201 and change the 1 to a 0, so it will look like this:
    $Configuration['PREFERENCE_JumpToLastReadComment'] = '0';
    That will make it so that when people make an account their preference is set off by default instead of on. For existing users (like yourself) you will want to log in to the forum, go to the Account tab, then Forum Preferences on the left, and uncheck Jump to the last read comment when clicking on discussion topic
  • this line should be added in your conf/settings.php, not editing appg/settings.php
  • Why not just go to your forum preferences and uncheck this option...

    "Jump to the last read comment when clicking on discussion topic"
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    edited September 2008
    I got the impression he was wanting to make it so that it was like that for everyone. But yes that works if it's just for one person, and that is exactly what I said only 2 posts above yours
  • Yup, so it is, I could swear that comment wasn't there a few minutes ago! pic

    Posted: Tuesday, 30 September 2008 at 7:01PM

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