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Vanilla Premium Support?

HortonHorton New
edited October 2008 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
As a nonprogrammer if I break my install of Vanilla Forum I am screwed. I would guess that there are a lot of forum owners out there that are like me. Has anyone thought about a pay per hour service? Clearly I would only pay someone who was vetted and trusted by this group.


  • You can get the support for free in this forum :) It's what it's here for
  • There seems to be a shortage of freelancers here who can take up such jobs. But if they are around, I'm sure they'll be whispering or posting to this topic!
  • If i did offer premium i would donate a % to vanilla. Seeing that is only far as i would be making money off vanilla.
  • Computer fixits should give tax to Microsoft using that logic ;) Just joking I think that is a good idea. I think that in order to qualify to be a support person you need to have contributed at least one add-on that works and has decent code. If there is interest in this I would be willing to make an easy website to let people get in touch with chosen people. In fact I'm just gonna do that anyway because it sounds fun.
  • But you do pay Microsoft because you install the os, Anyway you get my point.
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    Vanilla users should contribute (donation, bug reports, patches, extensions...), but a service provider I don't know... unless you charge your client extra for a donation.
  • Within reason I would be happy to make contributions to Lussumo – Vanilla. If I go poking around and break something it costs me $150 to restore it. I guess I could spend months learning PHP but that is totally unrealistic. As you would see in the world of Tron, I am just a user.
  • It won't be often you will run into a problem that we can't help you with for free, don't worry about it :) If I end up giving you too much free support you can donate some money to me if you need to
  • OK.....
    I am pretty sure this is beyond me
    I need a fix, not advice on how to fix (Me Fix = break everything and pay GoDaddy to restore)
  • Hi again Well I tend to agree fully with Horton, if you don't know much about php & sql, vanilla can be a pain...but so sweet when its working. I just spent the last 2 days updating my forum, and i tried failed etc etc. I shoulha really taken notes when i installed extensions, themes, messed with various config files etc etc, but who does that. The generic update instructions don't really help a newbie very much, the updates of the extensions and the explanation thereof leaves much to be desired. There should be some kinda reference table i.e. if you have this extension, don't forget to update the default theme, ad this to the whatever.php file. but i guess that this is up to the individual programmers of the extensions, styles, themes etc. (...and i am getting of the subject) As far as GoDaddy goes..."pay GoDaddy to restore" Yea sure. Their techs are grouped in levels, where the grunt (new guy) gets to do all of the freebie stuff. Dont get me wrong, their staff is very friendly, but more concerned about clients who pay for their services than those who don't (oviously) As far as premium forums go, i know that there are forum administrators who will put up a forum, manage and administer it for 800 to 5000. depending on various factors. but to fix a messed up vanilla forum could take anywhere from 2 days to a week, which may cost you 50 to 70 bucks an hour. What you should actually have is a backup forum, pointing to the same database...then if something goes wrong you can set the default page to the backup, and work on having your real forum fixed without any interruption to your real forum...(WOW thats a great idea, I think i will do that, just in case) All in all i am extremely happy with vanilla, the members of this forum have helped me a more than i can say...Cheers from Sunny Costa Rica.
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