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Novice Having Permission Problems - Please Help!

Hi All. Brand new web designer here trying to set up my very first web forum. But, I'm having the below problem - We came across some problems while checking your permissions... Failed to create the 'd:/hosting/lukecalvert1/conf/database.php' configuration file. Failed to create the 'd:/hosting/lukecalvert1/conf/extensions.php' configuration file. Failed to create the 'd:/hosting/lukecalvert1/conf/language.php' configuration file. Failed to create the 'd:/hosting/lukecalvert1/conf/settings.php' configuration file. Navigate the filesystem of your server to the Vanilla folder. Vanilla will need read AND write access to the conf folder. There are many ways to set these permissions. One way is to execute the following from the root Vanilla folder: chmod 777 ./conf You will also need to grant read access to the extensions, languages, setup, and themes folders. Typically these permissions are granted by default, but if not you can achieve them with the following commands: chmod -R 755 ./extensions chmod -R 755 ./languages chmod -R 755 ./setup chmod -R 755 ./themes I've tried to resolve this as best I can. My host is and in their hosting control panel I have set all page permissions as: Read (Directory contents are visible to users) Write (Applications can write to this directory) This is set for all pages and appears to be the maximum permissions I can allow. Any ideas what to do? The above says to execute the following from the root vanilla folder 'chmod 777 ./conf' but by execute what exactly do it mean? Create a file? folder? Change a file? I'm lost and really want to set this up. I'm using Dreamweaver too if that helps anyone. Sorry, as I know this has probably been asked before but I'm brand new here so a very simplified version of how to fix the above would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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    better take a look at this video

    btw, I'd suggest to link these videos from the documentation page or this support forum panel, or whatever, just seems people aren't finding them, and are very useful!
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    @miquel: it won't help, he try to host the forum on a windows server.

    @boxingcapital: you should let knows that "d:/hosting/lukecalvert1/setup/installer.php" didn't manage create some files in 'd:/hosting/lukecalvert1/conf/" after you had set the permission of d:/hosting/lukecalvert1/conf/ to "write".
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