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Remove "All Discussions" and other information above the discussion grid

edited October 2008 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
So, this the top of my discussion grid:

Is there any way to remove these informations like "All Discussions", the count of discussions and those page numbers? I just want to display it below the the discussions. Above it there should be nothing.

little php tweaks?


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    Add this to the bottom of the vanilla.css file in your theme's directory:#Content div h1, .PageInfo { display:none; }
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    Well, it works ... but it also removes the page info from the bottom of the discussion grid. Which is not that good 'cause now no one can navigate to the next side. As I said I just want to remove the stuff above (not below!) the discussions.
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    SubJunkSubJunk ✭✭
    edited October 2008
    Understand that this fix will not stay applied if you upgrade Vanilla in the future. If you do it you need to make a note of this change so that you can do it again to the new code if you upgrade.
    If you want to still do it, replace discussions.php with this:<?php // Note: This file is included from the library/Vanilla/Vanilla.Control.DiscussionGrid.php class. echo '<div id="ContentBody"> <ol id="Discussions">'; $Discussion = $this->Context->ObjectFactory->NewContextObject($this->Context, 'Discussion'); $FirstRow = 1; $CurrentUserJumpToLastCommentPref = $this->Context->Session->User->Preference('JumpToLastReadComment'); $DiscussionList = ''; $ThemeFilePath = ThemeFilePath($this->Context->Configuration, 'discussion.php'); $Alternate = 0; $RowNumber = 0; while ($Row = $this->Context->Database->GetRow($this->DiscussionData)) { $RowNumber++; $this->DelegateParameters['RowNumber'] = &$RowNumber; $Discussion->Clear(); $Discussion->GetPropertiesFromDataSet($Row); $Discussion->FormatPropertiesForDisplay(); // Prefix the discussion name with the whispered-to username if this is a whisper if ($Discussion->WhisperUserID > 0) { $Discussion->Name = @$Discussion->WhisperUsername.': '.$Discussion->Name; } $this->DelegateParameters['Discussion'] = &$Discussion; $this->CallDelegate( 'PreSingleDiscussionRender' ); // Discussion search results are identical to regular discussion listings, so include the discussion search results template here. include($ThemeFilePath); $FirstRow = 0; $Alternate = FlipBool($Alternate); } echo $DiscussionList.' </ol> </div>'; if ($this->DiscussionDataCount > 0) { echo '<div class="ContentInfo Bottom"> <div class="PageInfo"> <p>'.$pl->GetPageDetails($this->Context).'</p> '.$PageList.' </div> <a id="TopOfPage" href="'.GetRequestUri().'#pgtop">'.$this->Context->GetDefinition('TopOfPage').'</a> </div>'; } ?>
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    you are the man, subjunk. thank you very much.
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    Glad I could help mate :)
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