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Anyone see this bug before, conspiracy?

Of course my members think this is a conspiracy, one of my members created a thread titled 9/11 and there are 10 comments in there that no one can see, I cant even see it as an admin anyone have any ideas? is this a silly easteregg? Also while we are taking a look at bugs have any of you guys ever seen this? When you post like over 50 images in a thread Vanilla never finishes displaying them see here: let me know :)


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    I saw all 10 comments? I also saw images everywhere it looked like there should be?
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    really what browser are you using?!
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    oh weird it looks like it has to do with the url check this out compared to
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    The vanishing thing has to do with how mod_rewrite handles the number on the end--It thinks you requested discussion 768, page 911. Since there are no posts on page 911, you see none. There were similar bugs to this a long time ago fixed with a mod_rewrite file... you might want to check and make sure you have the right mod_rewrite file.

    In FF3, I saw images get cut off at the bottom. This appears to be a style issue.
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    Yep--the page getting blanked out at the bottom can be fixed by removing the "overflow:auto" in the site container section at the bottom of /themes/vanilla/styles/253/vanilla.css
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    checking it out
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    worked for both thanks, must have had a old htaccess lying around from a old version :/ thx!
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    Here's a patch that will redirect the user to page one of the discussion. It doesn't add the Suffix so as to help prevent the bug from showing up.

    Index: library/Vanilla/Vanilla.Control.CommentGrid.php =================================================================== --- library/Vanilla/Vanilla.Control.CommentGrid.php (revision 783) +++ library/Vanilla/Vanilla.Control.CommentGrid.php (working copy) @@ -73,6 +73,11 @@ } $this->Context->Database->RewindDataSet($this->CommentData); } else { + if ($this->CurrentPage > $PageCount) { + // Go back to page 1, we're too far! + $PageOneUrl = GetUrl($Context->Configuration, 'comments.php', '', 'DiscussionID', $DiscussionID, '', '', CleanupString($Discussion->Name).'/'); + Redirect($PageOneUrl); + } $this->CommentData = $CommentManager->GetCommentList($this->Context->Configuration['COMMENTS_PER_PAGE'], $this->CurrentPage, $DiscussionID); } }
    Related bug: Paging in a discussion out of range can be confusing.

    I'm posting here because I can't add comments in the bug tracker. :)
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