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Problem after renaming vanilla folder

edited April 2009 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Hopefully someone can help here. I recently uploaded Vanilla and began editing it but someone on here pointed out that having vanilla 1.1.5a as my main folder name probably wasnt the best idea. So i changed it to "community" and went into the conf>settings.php file and changed all the settings to reflect the new file name. Now when i go to my URL i get the Vanilla set up page again instead of my forum, i tried the link to install again but it recognised that i had already installed Vanilla. Anybody have any ideas as to why?


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    It can't find conf/settings.php. You/your provider/your ftp server might have changed the permissions of it; apache/php can't read it.

    You could remove every *.php files from conf/ and the database to be able to reinstall it.
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    Well I did my first upgrade from 1.1.5a to 1.1.7 and all was going well until I also tried to rename my Vanilla-1.1.5 a folder to just plain "Vanilla". Seem to have broken a bunch of config lines. Does anyone have a step by step procedure for renaming the folder and then editing the files that need to be changed to get the board back on line with the renamed folder? I just thought it would be better to not list the version number on the folder since it changes but if I can't get a step-by-step for doing this I am just going to forget the renaming idea.


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    Go to your conf/settings.php and update the lines that contain the old path to the new one.
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    But when I do that I get a whole page of errors having to do with the path "vanilla/appg/init_vanilla.php on line 21 (or other line numbers)".

    I mucked around with that last night and took me quite sometime to get the board running again. I wised up and did a backup of the vanilla folder today so I could get back to square one but still get the appg.init_vanilla.php errors when doing the conf/settings.php edit. What am I missing here?

    Also a newbie question, when you do a vanilla folder backup and a new post is placed on the functioning board is the database that is changed outside the vanilla folder or do I have to re=backup the vanilla folder again before I take the board offline to update a new version of vanilla when it comes out in order to keep the new data that may have changed while the board was online?

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    Hi Shaun, I found out yesterday the same thing when I had to rename from 'vanilla' to 'forum'. The 'conf/settings.php' file is the only one documented but if you had customised a theme to leave the default one intact you will also need to access your database and change the entries in the table LUM_Style to point to the corrected URL. Hope that helps. David.
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