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integration issue, no sessions...

I'm working on integrating vanilla with arcadem pro and I've followed drupal's integration instructions just to have an idea on what to do...
but the script I'm using doesn't have a session table so I'm stuck on this bit:

// Integrating sessions:
$DatabaseTables['Sessions'] = 'sessions';
$DatabaseColumns['Sessions']['UserID'] = 'uid';
$DatabaseColumns['Sessions']['SessionID'] = 'sid';
any hint?



  • edited October 2008
    I'm not following drupal's integration any more but wordpress as this one doesn't use sessions either so it's more like what I'm looking for :)
    however I'm stuck on one bit now:

    $s = "select option_name, option_value from wp_options where option_name = 'siteurl' or option_name = 'home'";
    I don't know what to replace it for :(

    any help?
  • I give up :(

    how much would anyone charge to do this integration for me?

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