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IPB 2.1.0 converter

Any sign of one of these being made? I'm completely uneducated to make something like this... I tried to downgrade 2.1.0 down to 2.0.4... that gave problems.... I then tried to convert the already flawed 2.0.4 to phpBB 2.0.17 or w/e it is... that just perpetuated the already existant problem... I'm really not in the know to do this myself, lol.


  • I say this a lot, but if you can get me a copy of an ipb 2.1 database and preferably access to the forum itself i'll see if i can get round to making one. This seems to be the most problematic conversion. You'll have to bug the hell out of me though.
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    A clean 2.1 database? By clean, I mean... as if the forums were just set up.
  • I would suggest some data if you could. Then mini cvan have a play around with it and get it working in a real world situtation.
  • what nathan said. I could get a clean one myself. I'd need a used one to know it was working right. If the passwords arent encrypted its in your users best interests to delete them all. Otherwise leave them there so i can work out what encryption (or if you can tell me that'd be good) theyre using so i know if i can port them or not.
  • Do you just need a copy of the SQL file? I can get you that if you want. Just give me the details of what you need....
  • just a sqldump of the database is fine. preferably uploaded to somewhere i can wget it.
  • minisweeper, i'd love to give you a copy of my IPB 2.0.4 DB if the offer stands. Just let me know. Thanks! stuboo P.S. I'm so pissed off at IPB right now I could spit. They've got tons of extra crap that most of my members don't use or need and Google is having trouble indexing it - a problem I've not been able to solve.
  • Um, yeah sure. if you wanna dump it and upload it somewhere i'll grab it and take a peek. Is there an existing 2.0.4-phpbb converter?
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