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Help with upgrade from 1.1.4 to 1.1.5a

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hey, this morning vanilla made me check for updates and damn, it found one (1.1.5a). damn because i was really happy when it all worked just the way it was, but i already knew the day would come when i had to update 1.1.4. so first i go to and watch the "upgrade video", but compared to the upgrading instructions text i dont have to do anything like this because my version is newer than 1.x. ok, so i try to follow the upgrading instructions: i download the new zip-file, unzip and replace all the files named in the instructions. then i try to visit my forum and - a blank site. no idea what happened. bless god i had my 1.1.4 backed up (i was near committing suicide) so i just uploaded the copy and it worked again, but now i still run 1.1.4. do you have any ideas what i did wrong? im using my own css theme (changed footer) if that could be a problem. or do i have to upgrade to 1.1.5 first, then to 1.1.5a? i'm very thankful for any suggestions or hints, thx!


  • Check this comment: As far I know 1.1.5 did only break Private Message (it needed a bug that 1.1.5 fixed). Alsoe, if you have customized theme you will have to update themes/yourtheme/menu.php:
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    Thank you for instructions, but unfortunately it just doesn't work! :I First of all i switched to the default vanilla theme, so i can be sure it's not because of my customized theme. Then again i started my ftp program and uploaded the files of the upgrade packages - and again a blank white site where my forum should appear. Then copied back my old files and it worked again. After that, i downloaded the complete version 1.1.5a again and uploaded only the files named in the upgrade instructions. I did this and checked my forum after every file. I noticed it's blank from the moment i copy the files in the appg folder. Do you have any idea why this happens? I don't have to do anything else? Just upload the new files and that's it? There's a friendly looking upgrade site in the setup folder, but it says only use this if you're upgrading from 0.9.x and i already have 1.1.4. So i guess i just have to get the new files and that's it. But it doesn't work...i appreciate any hints, thx!
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    You should all the file at the same time. You try to turn on the display of error message to know what's the problem:
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    Hum, i checked some cgi error log and have multiple warnings like: "PHP Notice: Undefined property: LanguageSelectorArray in /home/www/forum/extensions/LanguageSelector/default.php on line 84/87" Looks like it has sth to do with the laanguage selector extension. I'm kinda sry for asking like a noob, but looks like i'm not fit enough for a vanilla upgrade where you have to think about so much more like theme, extensions and stuff. Can't i use some kind of upgrade walktrough just like the one when i installed it? That was so i kinda feel lost cause i'm no php pro and need a lot of time to fix some code. Still i'd like to stay with vanilla, it's slim, fast and valid!
  • Remember that with this extension, you need to path vanilla: Try to update and patch it.
  • Thx to your hints, I was able to remember the LanguageSelector Add-On core hack thing. Of course, 'the one line' didn't exist in the updated appg/init-files. I added the line and also updated the menu.php in my customized theme folder. And now it works fine! Right version displayed and no errors, perfect! Thx a lot for your help! Even if Vanilla only has a comparatively small community, as long as you bother about every single guy so well, it's at least as strong as the others.
  • Any idea why my "Subscribe" feature isn't working on my forum any more? It sends users to the Forum home page. It doesn't even work to subscribe in my profile. I use the Notify 1.2.1 plug-in (my forum
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