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I've been having a problem where my signin wouldnt stick ... even with remember me enabled. I used firefox to view the cookie... and it says it expires when session is over. I assume that the session would be over once i close the window... sure enought he cookie is gone when I reopen firefox. Is this browser error, user error, or application error?


  • Hmm... sets 3 cookies... PHPSESSID, name, and pass. my board doens't set name and pass.... I'm guessing that's the problem?
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    Yes, that is the problem. What is the url to your forum, and what is the cookie domain you specified on the settings / application settings form?
  • change that to, delete your cookies, and try again.
  • thanks, it's fine now.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
  • user error sure enough :P
  • I figure I shouldn't make a new thread for more cookies questions. I wanted first to say thanks again to the Lussumo board for answering my question before I could ask it - see above comments for my problem and solution. New problem: I have my Vanilla board on one domain (hereafter referred to as firstdomain). I have, as a joke, bought a second domain name (hereafter referred to as seconddomain) and pointed it towards my board. Thing is, my users are starting to use the joke domain (a takeoff on livejournal which is why it sticks in their heads, I guess) and are complaining that the cookie doesn't work. Well, of course it doesn't work, cookie is set for Is there a way I can make it work for BOTH domains? To keep everyone happy? Or just keep telling them, "Well, guys, seconddomain is a *joke* so I can't *make* it work, okay?" Thanks in advance.
  • You could just setup seconddomain or sub.firstdomain as an actual redirect so while they type one thing it'd just take them to the other. It's not ideal but if its easier for your users to remember something it'd still just about do the job.

    There might be a way to just set it up properly though, but i'm not the man for that.
  • rockwaldorockwaldo New
    edited May 2006
    Using the version i still cant get cookies to work at all, the remember me does nothing.....Must i wait for 1 release?
  • Probably easiest, it shouldnt be long now. Fingers crossed people stop finding bugs...
  • edited May 2006
    "Is there a way I can make it work for BOTH domains? To keep everyone happy? Or just keep telling them, 'Well, guys, seconddomain is a *joke* so I can't *make* it work, okay?'"
    You could try adding something like this into an .htacess file in the root directory of your webspace:
    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^(.*\.)*$
    RewriteRule (.*)$1 [R=301,L]
    That should redirect everyone who visits a page at to the corresponding URL at I haven't tested this code, but I use something similar on one of my websites to solve a similar problem.
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