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the guest post add-on? can someone explain this to me...

I understand it allows non-registered users opportunity to post, but what if you have multiple non-registered users posting on the same thread? you would have no way to identify who said what? just a bunch of guests? Is there a way to allow each non-registered user the option to use a unique screen name? the forum I have would benefit greatly with this option. I've searched these forums for a solution, but haven't found any. thanks!


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    You are right of course, a guest post cannot be identified unless they add details to the post manually, it's intended for one-off visitors who don't want to register.

    Sorry to say this but your suggestion "to allow each non-registered user the option to use a unique screen name" is pretty stupid since there's already a way to do this... REGISTER!

    Posted: Saturday, 6 December 2008 at 3:29PM

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    edited December 2008
    here's a very successful site that does not require user registration. it's not vanilla, of course - but it's an example of how popular a message board can be that doesn't require registration. personally, I don't mind registering...but there is something to be said for being able to instantly post...people like that freedom - that's the bottom-line.
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    No issue with that mate, it's just that if you don't register you are anonymous and the system can't keep track of who you are.

    Guest Post lets you post immediately but can't keep track of your screen name as you desire.

    Can't have your cake and eat it too!

    Posted: Sunday, 7 December 2008 at

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    I think that by making guests choose a name when making a guest post, it could give them more of a push to actually apply for membership to the forum. There are many visitors to my site who may wish to add comments, but maybe a little too shy to join (perhaps they think that supplying an e mail address will result in lots of spam?) Allowing guests to post comments using a name, it will help other forum users (and guests) know that different comments are not being posted by the same guest user. The guest may return to see any replies to their comments and may strike up friendships with other forum members or guests. Hopefully, after visiting a few times to see how discussions are going, the guest may then take the plunge, and actually apply for membership. Just a thought.
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    RabbitAbout, I absolutely agree with your thoughts.

    I did the same to my vanilla forum: you can enter a "Nickname" if you are a guest user and this Nickname is then saved to a newly created database table based on DiscussionID and CommentID, so the comment itself.

    Due to lack of time my solution doesn't exist as an extension yet. I modified the standard vanilla directly which is not so nice since you can run into some issues when upgrading if you do it blindly, but still, send me a mail if you would like to check it out.
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    Hello Csabbencs,

    I whispered this to you, but not sure if you saw the whisper:

    "Glad you agree with my thoughts.
    I would very much like to see how you have changed 'guest post'

    Let me know your forum address and I'll pop over for a look.

    Meanwhile, when I find some time, I'll try to do an extenesion. The trouble is - I never seem to get time !!! "
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