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Problem with MySQL encoding

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Hello. I was trying to make Vanilla understand utf-8, but I encountered some problems that I can't solve. My situation looks like this: Vanilla 1.1.5a uses utf-8 (set as written in wiki page), MySQL 5.something uses utf8 as connection encoding, and utf8 is default encoding in MySQL. However, no matter how I try to install Vanilla so that it would choose utf8 as collation for it's tables, it chooses latin1 every time. Futhermore, if I try to check what's inside MySQL I get not a strange-looking text, but regular questionmarks instead of [in my case] lithuanian chraracters. Therefore, I can't recover any text through text editor transcoding since character data is lost, I suppose. Even more, exactly the same problem appears if on my localhost and servers. Any ideas where the problem could be? Thank you.


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    You may want to add a command to set the encoding to all tables as they are created by the installer, like here: Grab this file: and save it into your Vanilla's setup folder, then try installing again.
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    More easily, this problem is solved by changing the DEFAULT character encoding of your database, BEFORE installing vanilla. Most of the time, new empty database are created with swedish latin.

    You can do this latter but this is more work.
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    Max, how to change this default encoding setting before installation? I tried changing it in appg/settings.php, but it seems, that it only works with upgrades, and since I install a fresh vanilla, I can't make it work. Where to change it and how to install? You are right, my encoding is swedish latin.
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    Hey, anyone? I really need your hint where to set this eincoding setting before installation.
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    sniegas, did WallPhone's suggestion not solve your problem?
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    Look at It explains how to convert a latin1 database to utf-8
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    I did not check here for two days, hope it's not to late.
    Default encoding of the database is set outside Vanilla:
    To switch to utf-8 before installing, launch phpMyAdmin, select you database, and go to the "operations" tab. Down the page there is a select to do this.

    I'm sure I already post this at least twice on this board…
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    Wooohoo. The trick with "Operations" tab is awesome. Thank you!
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