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Ruby on Rails & Windows

KrakKrak New
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It may be repetitive but I typed it all anyways... Read this first: Basically you need: Apache, MySQL, and the One-click installer. Use Ruby for Apache to get FastCGI going. FastCGI is recommended, as it will make Rails sooo much faster. But it is not required. Install Apache, install MySQL, install Ruby for Apache (if you want FastCGI), then install the One-click. Then after everythings installed, from a CMD prompt do: "gem update" then "gem install rails --include-dependencies" yes to anything it asks. mod_rewrite has to be enabled in your httpd.conf.... After all that, Ruby on Rails *should* be ready to go. Then if you any question I will try to answer them.


  • Oh. See i figured that the one-click installer would install it ready to run with 1 click... I dont have or want to have apache setup on my win do i do it on linux :D
  • KrakKrak New
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    Well you dont have to have Apache, you can use the Webrick server, that is installed with Ruby on Rails. It runs from a CMD prompt window on a per load setting (only when you start it). You still have to have MySQL though. Really, any webserver will work. Apache is just the most common. Webrick (w/RoR) you just run and its all set to go, to fiddling with anything. Im not a user of Linux so the specifics I do not know, but coding would be the same.. and
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    just use webrick. You aren't putting this out to production right now (you are just playing around with it)...there's absolutely no reason not to use webrick. You can activate webrick by simple going to your application's directory and typing, "ruby script/server" (all this through CMD prompt of course).
  • Yup, you do need mysql though, to make and play with apps. I just happen to have a development setup on my machine (for website stuffs I do). So if he is not gonna add MySQL either, linux is fine.
  • Actually you don't need MySQL you can use SQLite if you want.
  • KrakKrak New
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    lol... ok....a database is required.
  • I gave up with RoR and Windows. I got it running, and it worked, I could make apps and stuff but I ran into a lot of problems. The "one-click" installer is severely lacking. Its far from being a one click installer. On top of the MySQL issues I had, rake doesnt work, and I cant "script/generate scaffold", it says Im missing files. I get a shit load of errors on a few other things too. All the docu for RoR and Windows sucks, and the searches I've conducted turn up semi-promising results, but in the end lead no where... So.... I just installed Linux and am now dual-booting. Im actually making this post from Ubuntu. Lets see how this works.
  • I really don't know why you are having so many problems. It literally took me less than 5 minutes to get it up and running for me on my Windows box.
  • You have had no problems with it talking to MySQL? Does the rake command work? What about script/generate scaffold? How often do you use it? Just once? Daily? It also pops up in my processes like 15 times. Ruby.exe doesnt need to be there 15 times. And it doesnt work unless I close all but 2 of them. Its funky. Maye its versions? I was using Apache2, MySQL 4.1, and RoR 1.8.2. On Windows XP Pro (no SP's), no .NET. But like I said. I got it to work, it just wasnt functioning at 100%. If its not 100%, Im not happy.
  • Odd, odd, odd. I just got the one-click installer for Ruby, the one-click installer for MySQL, and then used both of them. Then I ran Ruby's gem command and got Rails. That's it.
  • Figures. Oh well. I've used Linux before but always went back to Windows. There was no reason for me to switch, or even try it. Now I have a reason to use it. Maybe now I can get used to it, and maybe eventually switch over.
  • I cant get it working on either. xD
  • I got a buddy who has it running on debian (isnt that what you have?), and he says it worked just fine with the one apt-get. I just got Ubuntu up and running today. RoR goes on in the morning. We shall see if I hit any walls.
  • Ahh, i didnt apt it, i got the zips and was working on it from source to try and do a small testing install that wouldnt affect the whole server. Damn me for being sensible =\
  • I tried to install it on Windows and failed.

    I just wanted to test it out. Probably should learn to code before I do really :P
  • I think you would get the hang of it without any coding skills. Just follow the tutorials, like the Todo list and the Cookbook. They go step by step and explain it all. It really is easy. Its a shame so many people have problems with getting it on Windows, not all but most. RoR has only been around for a little while. Im sure things will get better.
  • gigingergiginger New
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    I hope so :)

    I really want to start making my own stuff.
  • @ Krak and jesusphreak / others,

    i might be forced to use windows xp and so far i like the idea of combining it with unclunky RoR: my 2 questions are:

    1. is there are a more robust, unclunky combination ?
    2. what else would i need to establish a vanilla forum with a small orange / paypal / other money transfer system ? muchas gracias in advance...</font
  • Shit, it just occurred to me, was I this much of an annoying idiot when I was a newbie here (and used green font colour)?

    Posted: Sunday, 3 June 2007 at 11:40AM

  • You mean you stopped being annoying? ::/me elbows Wanderer playfully::
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