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Movable Type integration

dozensdozens New
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So, I was thinking about how rad it would be if whenever I posted a new review to my Movable-Type-ran site, a new thread was created in my Vanilla install that could be used for commenting rather than the regular MT comment system...

Just thought I'd mention it here in case somebody that actually knows how to do these things knows how to and would like to make an extension - which I am guessing is totally impossible :)


  • lechlech Chicagoland
    sounds like something to throw at the MT fanbase, would require you to log in to both or pull the article/post from the same table etc...
  • six apart could make this a priority of project comet even.
  • dozensdozens New
    edited September 2005
    what's project comet?

    so this is something that only could be built on the MT side?
  • Now that we have had syndication for a while, why can't we have a standard way of managing loging data and data i/o so that we could integrate any two programs that have the standard data using scheme. But that is just me, wild dreamer.
  • six apart recently offered a sneak peek into their new project. looks like it will other people's crap mixed in with your own into an unusually public and personal digital diarrhea. since you are paying for mt, why not have sa integrate it with an open source forum like vanilla?
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    looks like it will other people's crap mixed in with your own into an unusually public and personal digital diarrhea.
    Be nice, be professional. No reason for such type of comment.
  • i'm unaccountable and my opinion doesn't matter to rest of the internet since i have no pull and haven't done anything others would notice. it still is my opinion to hold. to me, project comet basically seems like 6a is just forcing your community into your mt or typepad. since most people who use blogs end up putting even less professional, or even interesting "content", i could only imagine what their friends would add to the particular equation. mine is not the opinion of lussumo nor anyone else in the community.
  • to me, project comet basically seems like 6a is just forcing your community into your mt or typepad
    They are not forcing anything. Comet is for people who are either using 6A products or plan to use them, voluntarely. They produce MT, Typepad, they bought Livejournal and the rest is simply using RSS or a system alike. They have more info, read for yourself, dozens, since you asked what Comets was (will be), you be the one to draw your own opinions. Unbiased. It is better that way.
  • it should be obvious that i am drawing my own conclusions from my own cynical bias. i feel that blogs are too easy to use and too centered on the authors. since they are so popular, they pollute the search engines that get in the way of me looking for real information. plus, they act as a free echo chamber that drowns out other resources availible on the net. you seem to rapidly come to the defense of 6a, which makes me question your bias, mr. collantes. furthermore, even though one site by 6a is all most everyone has to work on, it is hardly an objective source. why have you not gone after me for other comments which do not involve six apart that i have made?
  • Blogs are ment to be personal. They are online weblogs/journals. If its not personal, then it is not a blog. That is their sole purpose. I do agree that they clutter up the freaking search engines. When I search I want relevent results, not John Doe's post on what he had for lunch that just happens to have a few of the same keywords. But this is not the authors fault (only a little), and this is not the engines fault. Its the people who made the blog apps. No robot.txt files, etc... People dont know about those, so they should be included. Keep your blogs from being spidered and there would be no search clutter. But then they wouldnt get noticed, and people cant have that. Blogs arent that bad. If you dont like em, dont read em. I dont read blogs of people I dont know, thats just kind of wierd.
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    If I have come across badly I am sorry. I do not mean --nor I want-- to start or feed a flame war here. That is not constructive.

    They are many, many more things poluting the Net than weblogs, I am sure we'll agree on that. I am not really coming on defense of 6A, all I said was to be nice and professional. And I provided information.

    I am new at Vanilla Community; I am not going after you at all. This one post just happened to catch my attention, that's all. Nothing personal. Peace and... cheers!

    PS: I use WordPress.
  • We are all friends here (I hope). I use WordPress also.
  • it's all good, david. blogs certainly aren't the only problem with the net, but it is a spreading problem. i don't post info as much as uneducated opinion.
  • Interesting. Blogs are egocentric cesspools and forums are bastions of vital information? I would have marked it the other way 'round. And just a quick FYI, Comet is specifically designed to keep personal information personal. It's for families that don't want you or Google seeing pictures of the new baby or grandma's goiter operation; it makes sharing easy and specific and leaves plenty of room on Google for spammers.
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