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'Very' new user has some pre install questions

edited January 2009 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I just registered a domain name and I'm waiting for my host to set up my server space... (GoDaddy) I have built some web pages for people in the past (hand coding, and software assisted..GoLive, Image Styler, Live Motion, etc).. I know the basics of uploading files via FTP and setting permissions, etc.. However.. I know 'nothing' about MySQL, etc.. and the only thing I know about databases is from what little playing I've done with database apps like AppleWorks, and AtariWorks (almost 2 decades ago there.. :P)... I am 'completely' new to creating/running a forum, chat room, store, or anything of that nature... So I'm trying to learn what I can before I download and install vanilla on the server... In reading the install instructions here on this site, it talks about setting up the database and the MySQL.. Is MySQL an operating system or an APP? And is it something that will be already installed on the GoDaddy webservers? Or will I need to download it from somewhere and install it myself? Also, as part of the hosting service, it says I can have up to 25 databases.. Does this mean that they are already setup and I just somehow point Vanilla to them? Or do I create them from scratch using Vanilla somehow, and the server just provides parking spaces for them? And is it possible to install more than one copy of Vanilla on the server? I'd like to have a live one that's been debugged, and a test version for playing with and debugging.. I'm assuming to do this I just use a different folder/name and install Vanilla again in that, right? Or is there any reason why two copies of the App can't be on the same server? I'm pretty good at picking stuff up, but this is new to me... So I'm sorry if they seem like dumb questions.. I didn't see them addressed in the FAQ... Also, in looking through the add ons, they have Vanilla version numbers listed.. Do the older plug ins work with the newer versions? or must the plug ins ony be used for the versions listed? Thanx, Mark


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    First of all; there is no such question as a dumb question. Vanila is very to set up in my opinion. In Direct admin or an other control panel you create a database by just filling in a form. When this is done, upload you vanilla files to you domain (probably in the .../public_html folder) Done? Go to your domain in Firefox (or an other webbrowser ofcourse) and fill in the form which will be shown. make sure that you db settings are correct. Done? Than you installed Vanilla. When you encounter any trouble, post again. Good luck.
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    By Direct Admin or another control pnael, you are referrinf to the GODaddy Control Panel at their website? Will MySQL be something that is already installed there Or do I download it somewhere from this site or elsewhere? Or is it included in the Vanilla install? I'd like to resolve as much as possible of this without calling them.. As I racked up almost 2 hrs of long distance charges yesterday, just getting this all bought.. I can only imagine what I'll rack up with tech support :P
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    Also, another question... When I set it up, they had me set up the server on a windows based server... Is this wise and/or required? Should I have used a UNIX based server.... I liked the Vanilla App from what I've seen, and they said t should be set up on a windows server.. But these are sales guys and not techs.. So I'm curious if that was wisee or required.. or if it matters at all... BTW, Mark.. I appreciate your flash tutorials.. Nice touch.. And a Great way for someone looking to choose an App to get a feel for Vanilla.. I also appreciate the modular form of Vanilla.. I love adding features via plug ins as opposed to having an all encompassing app that is bloated with all sorts of stuff I don't want or will never use...
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