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Subcategories and DB sharing

edited January 2009 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Is there any way in Vanilla to create 'Subcategories?' ie, you click on a tab, and then you have a selection of new tabs for categories within the general category heading?

If not, will vanilla work inside of a frame? The idea being that I could create a frame page with links in the header frame to multiple installations of Vanilla, each with unique categories of it's own, that open in a lower frame.

This of course begs another question.. Can two (or more) separate installations of Vanilla access a single data base so that all the user info, the search engine, post counts, icons, etc. associated with a user are seamless between the various installations of vanilla?


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    Still wondering though, is there any reason not to put Vanilla in a frame window as part of a larger frame based page?

    And just for grins, would my idea of two copies of vanilla sharing one DB have worked, or is that a definite no no?
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    Well, I downloaded the extension and uploaded it to my extensions folder... left the original theme file in the extensions folder, but made a copy and dragged it into the themes folder (The read me file didn't address what to do with this file so I put one in both places) .

    Created a category, then created another category of the same name with a "-" in front of it....

    Only the main category showed in the category list.. So I clicked on it, no sub category appeared..

    So then I tried loading the 'theme' theme... Got the following error message:

    "Some problems were encountered
    Failed to open the styles directory. Please ensure that PHP has read access to the D:/Hosting/3766748/html/forums/themes/theme/styles/ directory."

    But there is no "Styles" folder in the "theme" folder... So I double checked that permissions were set on both the extenson folder and the theme folder, even givng write access to it in addition to read access.. but still get the same error message... when I try and load a style, none are listed..

    Did I miss something? (Obviously :-))

    There was also a Mac OS folder that unpacked but I didn't upload that... There didn't appear to be anything in it except an empty theme folder, and there was no reference to in in the read me file..

    On a semi related note, must the subcategories have the same name as it's parent category, or is there a way to rename them to something that defines it's purpose, and yet still allow it to be a subcategory?

    Thanx again for the help
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