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Moving Lussumo infobar down

I've seen posts about hiding it and removing it, but I'd just like to move it down to the bottom of the forum (like a standard forum copyright notice) to fit better with a theme. But the call for this little bar is nowhere to be found in the theme PHP files (although I'd expect it to be in panel.php), and I don't want to modify the main files because it makes upgrading difficult.


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    You won't find it in the theme files as it is added to the panel during initialization (appg/init_*.php). So you won't be able to do it without modifying the main files.

    You'll have to comment it out and re-add it later on wherever you want to.
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    As an alternative you may in your theme's styles/default-or-whateverver/vanilla.css file hide
    #AboutVanilla { display: none; } and insert it in your theme e. g. in foot.php in a block which has another id than #AboutVanilla (or turn the display on again in a special nested CSS rule). You can retrieve the text by calling
    $this->Context->GetDefinition('PanelFooter') which is set in languages/esperanto-or-other/definitions.php. This way you will not have to touch appg/init_vanilla.php.
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    You're welcome, but I have missed something: People using a screen reader will hear the text twice on every page. Hence "sound: none;" should be added to the above CSS rule of #AboutVanilla.
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    Is that the right tag?
    Property sound doesn't exist : none
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    edited January 2009
    That's because sound is not a w3c valid command. For maximum compatibility, you're better off just comment out the one line in appg/init_vanilla.php and place it somewhere else on your forum. It's one less command the server has to process on every page request and it sends clean HTML to the viewers.
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    edited January 2009
    So, both of you are right:

    @noerrorsfound: Sorry, I have looked up a property reference which does not conform to the W3C spec. The correct name is speak as of "Cascading Style Sheets Level 2 Revision 1 (CSS 2.1) Specification". But if at all, it should be used in a separate stylesheet for the media type "aural" (CSS2) or "speech" (CSS2.1) with the dilemma that for the latter the set of properties is not defined yet, as is mentioned in the above linked "Appendix A" of the spec. And all this could be stuff for a complete disussion of its own.

    @sirlancelot: Yes, it's one less less call to GetDefinition() per page request, but I guess depending on the mix of extensions most people use this load difference may be epsilon which sums up with the hit frequency of course. Thus, if noerrorsfound can live with that tweak in init_vanilla.php, your solution surely is the one to follow.
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