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When Vanilla 2 ?

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when can we expect to issue Vanilla 2?


  • I'd like to know that too ;) Nevertheless, take a look at Mark's personal blog -->
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    I regularly read this blog, but now I would like to know the approximate date of the premiere Vanilla 2. Yes, I am impatient :P
  • No date has been announced. He's still working on the framework. I'm sure very little work has been done on an application using it (Vanilla). Be patient.
  • The framework is done and Mark is working on Vanilla 2 since December. I think he should be working on design. He was hoping a preview would be ready for February.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    I am currently doing design on Vanilla 2 and polishing up the final features of the Garden core. I wish I could give a definitive release date, too, but I just don't know.

    I have some graphic designer colleagues helping me out with the layout/design - but CSS is not my strong suit, so it is slow going.

    In the last week I've changed the layout of Vanilla three times. That's the stage I'm currently at: revise, revise, revise, revise, ad infinitum. Every time I get a design in place, I realize that there is a core feature that I need, or a core feature that should be removed, etc.

    My hope is that once I've nailed this part of the process down, I'll be able to put a beta online for all you guys to get a kick at.

    I'll be notifiying all of the regularly active community members via email when they can get access to the beta.
  • i'm so much waiting for it ;p
  • Awesome I can't wait for this! Plus I hope I get in the beta.. *hint* *hint* *nudge* *nudge* ;)
  • pbearpbear New
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    Did layout frameworks like the 960 Grid System get any consideration for Vanilla 2? Or that there's enough hooks to use such a stylesheet without needing to play with delegates?

    Edit: Just read the comments in the latest blog post CSS 101, but this comment is what I'm thinking of re: possibly extraneous markup. An extra div or two won't hurt. Really. :)
  • Heh that's my comment. An extra div or two definitely won't hurt but only if it's necessary. I know I'd love the extra functionality.
  • Even CSS Zen Garden threw in a few extra for people to play with. Admittedly they weren't tied into the structure, and in that respect would be good candidates for adding by delegate. I remember plunking through the Vanilla HTML and seeing I needed one or two wrapper divs to make it work. Which meant digging through more than one php file. The tabs were funny too. I was hoping for a Dan Cederholm-esque bulletproof method.
  • Will the Garden Framework have a method for saving an array into a file? This will be very handy for saving settings of plugins. Its a thing I miss in the current framework.

    Does Vanilla 2 support subcategories out-of-the-box?
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