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dumb as a box of rocks...

edited February 2009 in Vanilla 1.0 Help php, but I need to start somewhere..

I'm using the "cloud6" style.. In the upper right hand corner of the title bar, it has a white field box, and within it, is as follows, in a linear format...

"signed in as 'username' (sign out)"

I want to get rid of the white box, so that the above text is just sitting in the black to white gradient title bar, and then instead of the 'linear' format as detailed above, I want it to be as follows...

Signed in as
(sign out)

Ideally, these three lines would be center justified in relation to each other, but the whole shebang would be right justified in the title bar as it is now..

I'll need to change the color of the text too (Ideally, I'd like to have the username a different color or shade than the other two lines)..

And I want to change the color of the "start a new discussion" link..

Hep me? Where does I start?


  • Any Idea what 'file' I should be looking at? There are several files in the style folder...... I've tried doing a 'find text' for user in the vanilla.css file and there's quite a few appearances of the word, but so far it looks like all the result have to do with search or discussions.. I'm trying to find the one that has to do with the "signed in as and sign out button at the top right).. so I'm not sure I'm even looking n the right file...
  • Do you have a screenshot of what it looks like. It would be easier to figure out if I can see it.
  • Do you mean a screen shot of Vanilla with the theme applied as is? Or how I'd like it to be?
  • edited February 2009

    I would like the white box to go away, and the text to be formatted as follows:

    signed in as
    test account
    (sign out)
  • BTW, how is it that I can enter HTML code in the comment window here at this forum, but if I try it in the copy of vanilla on my server, it doesn't work? It just puts all the code in the comment as posted...

    Are you using a special add on for this?
  • html formatter
  • edited February 2009
    I'm using html formatter, but if I enter code, it just shows up in the posted comment...

    weird... I better go back and carefully reread the readme files, etc.. make sure I didn't install it wrong..
  • I looked at the "cloud6" stylesheet and it seems it's supposed to look like that. Have a look at "themes/vanilla/styles/cloud6/vanilla.css" starting at line 83.

    I'd guess that the reason it looks so out of place on your forum is because you have a username long enough to make the text wrap.

    You can fix it by making the width larger than 250px by changing the line that reads width: 250px; to a larger number.
  • I'd like to get rid of the white box altogether,
    and then reformat the text into three lines as folows:

    signed in as
    test account
    (sign out)

    I looked through the various files, and the image file that has the header image in it with the gradient from black to white, does not have that white box.. so something else is adding that...

    I'd like to get rid of it altogether, and then reformat the text into three separate lines if possible..

    While we're on the subject of long user names.. Is it possible to limit their length to 'x' number of characters?

    Otherwise, people could potentially register with usernames long enoug to wreak havoc on page formating...
  • edited February 2009
    Making it show up on three lines can't be done without modifying the theme file. Since cloud6 is a style and not a theme you'll need to restructure quite a bit by making your own theme folder (perhaps naming it after your site or whatever), putting the cloud6 style in a styles folder there, and then copying themes/head.php into your theme folder.

    From there you'll need some experience in PHP, CSS and HTML to make it look the way you want. But that should get you started. Google around, there's a lot of great tutorials on learning those languages.
  • One additional question...

    How hard is it to take the original vanilla theme/theme and change the colors throughout?
  • You'll need some experience in PHP, CSS and HTML to make things look the way you want.
  • edited February 2009
    I have 'some' experience in HTML, a 'little' with CSS, and none with php..

    Any php for dummies books out there?

    I need an at home job, and wouldn't mind learning this stuff anyways... What should I learn to make myself valuable enough to earn a modest living at this... Do I need to get into programming, or is getting grounded in XML, php, javascript, etc. sufficient?...

    Should I learn things like Basic, C, python? Or does just learning my way around the web languages count for anything these days?

    I've been in construction forever, my body has had it, the industry has died, and my finances with it.... With the govt being in process of moving huge segments of the private sector economy into the govt, I'm thinking the level of beaurocracy will go up exponentially, and they'll be needing a 'lot' of people to push the data around and make it useable... creating jobs in both the private and public sectors...

    Should I learn about MySQL, etc.?

    I was involved in broadcast animation and 3D animation for a while to varying degrees, and Worked in the recording industry here and there, so I've been tied at the hip with computers for a while, and Have been building my own web pages since I started out on my first mac after moving from my atari 1040st, TT030, and falcon.. built my first rudimentary computer in the mid seventies with an intel 8080 and had to count leds for data input and output.. so, since it's apparent that I already spend too much time with these things, I might as well try and make a little money at it...

    I live in the sticks, and need an 'at home' job... Any advice?

    Anything that will help answer my issues with trying to get my forum up and running how I like, and also move me towards knowledge and experience that might hlep with a career change would be appreciated..

    And who knows, get me pointed in the right direction, and maybe I'll be writing custom vanilla add ons in a few months.... :-)
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