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Integrate Login

edited February 2009 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Hi everyone, I'm currently in the process of putting a site together which will require users to login. I'd like to implement a vanilla forum as well which would share login details. ie. If users where signed in to the main site they would automatically be signed in to the forum. The existing login will be using a mysql db. Is there any documentation on how to integrate vanilla's login? Thanks!!


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    vanilla:integration:wordpress. If the database you're linking to is similar enough, you can modify these instructions with little effort and hopefully be up and running.
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    thanks! I'll have a look and report back if I run into problems.
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    Has anyone been able to integrate login btwn Vanilla & Wordpress? I see alot of discussion about it, but not sure if anyone has been able to successfully do it. If you have it would be AWESOME to tell us what versions of WP & Vanilla work together & anything you've done beyond what's already been said. Thanks!!
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    There's an excellent walkthrough if you follow the link in my comment above. Integrate Login # 2
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    lance- thanks.. I've tried to integrate with vanilla:integration:wordpress. I have them sharing the same dB, users & theme (as other threads have walked through), but can't get authentication to happen between them (meaning if I log into Wordpress it doesn't carry my login over to Vanilla).

    I'm using WP 2.7 & Vanilla 1.1.5a. If other people have gotten older versions to work, I'd consider that... so wanting to know if anyone has successfully done it & what versions they've used.
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    @kepjr, this may require some trial and error. I imagine the problem has to do with the way your server is sending cookies. Does your site use sub-domains for both applications? (Example: and If it does, you need to make sure your cookies are set to "" and nothing more specific, otherwise one application will not have access to the other's cookies.
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    I am integrating Vanilla with a video script and attempting to use only the video script login to access both the video script and the Vanilla forum. I followed the docs on this site and I have successfully done the file and database integration, removed people.php, pointed to my new authenticator from the config file etc. My video app uses sessions which are stored on the server in siteroot/tmp/sessions folder. There are no subdomains used on my site. PROBLEM1 The first time through the authenticator code it successfully picks up my userid from the /tmp/sessions folder and gets to the forum where I see my settings tab and account tab albeit with a default blue and white page not the custom style I am xpecting (When clicked the settings tab and account both indicate that I am not sighed in, although it seems to have authenticated me to look at the main forum page ) PROBLEM2 If I click on the categories or search tabs these retrieve these pages with the correct theme but now I have no settings or account tab and now I see the Please Sign In area. If I try to re-launch the main forum page now I get the correct theme but no settings or account tab. I believe I am not setting the proper values in the Authenticator MyIdentity function so that my session credentials are either not persisting or somehow getting reset when I click on any other tab. Also on entry I don't see my correct theme so on entry something is already wrong. On entry into the script a print_r of $_COOKIE shows the correct video app Session values but after clicking on any tab in Vanilla a redisplay of the $_COOKIE array only shows arr() i.e. an empty array. Meanwhile if I look in the /tmp directory all the sess_ files are still physically there. The code that updates the last visit, ip logging and number of visits is working correctly in the Authenticator but I am missing something with the session persistence. Any help will be appreciated.
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