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Help!! Weird Behavior with Tiny MCE

edited February 2009 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Well I go it to work at a basic level now.. I didn't realize that I had to download an additional file elsewhere...

But I'm having some weird problems with it...... if I insert too large of an image, then the format of the reply box is messed up, so I need to figure out how to limit the size of images...

Is it possible to force a resize of oversize images displayed in vanilla comments?

also, while custom text colors are shown in the editor window, once the message is posted, the colors are reverted to black..

Text size doesn't carry over into the final post either...

Also, the default text is too small

Is there a way to force the default text choice? And the default color is blue, but this is a moot point for now, as the colors don't carry over anyways...

and the spell checker seems to be broken now... (Spell Checker 1.2)

Also, Preview appears to be busted... both the standard vanilla preview, and the preview button in the Tiny MCE editor bar... It acts as if there s nothing in comment window.... (empty preview)

And the reply window is stuck in 'big input' mode, with the button gone to set it to small input...

Are there fixes for this discussed somewhere?

Using Firefox on Mac


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    edited February 2009
    Category roles extension is broke now too. doesn't show up anymore in the category settings.... It's broken even if I turn the Tiny MCE editor off.. Perhaps something in the java script files are causing a conflict?
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    If I turn off Tiny MCE, big input switch is back, quote works again, preview works... but category roles is still broke....

    Is there a hack for all this.. or a thread somewhere talking about the fixes?
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    figured out the problem with category roles... while troubleshooting I had changed themes from category roles theme to regular vanilla theme...

    In all the discussion at the bottom of the tiny mce plug in, it's mentioned that vanilla preview doesn;t wok with tiny mce, d to use the one in the tiny mce bar instead.. but that one doesn't work either...

    Has anyone gotten colors to work?

    Also, I really like the spell checker, but it appears to not work with tiny mce.. IS there a work around?

    And how about quoting? Is there a way to get any of the quoters to play nice with tiny mce?

    And if I set text size, Like colors, it works in the WYSIWYG editor, but when the comment is saved, it doesn't shw up in the comment... Embedding pictures works, bold, italics, etc. works, but font size, color, etc. does not carry over into the saved comment...

    Anyone have any luck with this?
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    Also, How do I add emoticons? I found a folder with the smilies in them, do I just copy emoticons from elsewhere and save them into that folder? Or is there additonal coding required?
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    emoticons seem to b there already (vanilla 1.1.10 + tinymce + tinymce extension)
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