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login (cookie) issues with Chrome.

edited February 2009 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I'm pretty new to vanilla, so excuse my ignorance where it appears :)

I've set up vanilla in a test environment so my path to the test version is http://{ip address}/vanilla - all is moving along just fine except I can't login using Chrome. I can login using any other browser (safari, firefox, IE, opera). In chrome I enter the login credentials and just get returned to the login screen - no error is reported. If I enter bogus details I get the error "Some problems were encountered". No cookie is being created (PHPSESSION) which I'm assuming at this stage is the problem, however I'm having some trouble working out how to fix it.

The issue is limited to chrome - (Incedentially I'm posting this from chrome, so it clearly works on this instance of Vanilla)

Anyway I'm assuming the issue is local and likely to be config based (be it the vanilla config or php/apache config)

Any help would be appreciated - thanks in advance

A few details...
Chrome version

PHP Version 5.2.0-8+etch11

Vanilla version - 1.1.5a
config (I've disabled all extensions)

$Configuration['SETUP_TEST'] = '1';
$Configuration['APPLICATION_PATH'] = '/var/www/vanilla/';
$Configuration['DATABASE_PATH'] = '/var/www/vanilla/conf/database.php';
$Configuration['LIBRARY_PATH'] = '/var/www/vanilla/library/';
$Configuration['EXTENSIONS_PATH'] = '/var/www/vanilla/extensions/';
$Configuration['LANGUAGES_PATH'] = '/var/www/vanilla/languages/';
$Configuration['THEME_PATH'] = '/var/www/vanilla/themes/Vanbook/';
$Configuration['DEFAULT_STYLE'] = '/vanilla/themes/Vanbook/styles/default/';
$Configuration['WEB_ROOT'] = '/vanilla/';
$Configuration['BASE_URL'] = '';
$Configuration['FORWARD_VALIDATED_USER_URL'] = '';
$Configuration['SUPPORT_EMAIL'] = '[email protected]';
$Configuration['SUPPORT_NAME'] = 'xxxx;
$Configuration['APPLICATION_TITLE'] = 'xxxxxxxxxxxx';
$Configuration['BANNER_TITLE'] = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxx';
$Configuration['COOKIE_DOMAIN'] = '';
$Configuration['COOKIE_PATH'] = '/';
$Configuration['SETUP_COMPLETE'] = '1';
$Configuration['DATABASE_VERSION'] = '2';
$Configuration['ADDON_NOTICE'] = '0';
$Configuration['USE_CATEGORIES'] = '0';
$Configuration['LOG_ALL_IPS'] = '1';
$Configuration['PUBLIC_BROWSING'] = '0';
$Configuration['AUTOCLOSE_Limit'] = '28';
$Configuration['AUTOCLOSE_Archive'] = '0';
$Configuration['AUTOCLOSE_MenuTab'] = '0';
$Configuration['AUTOCLOSE_OpenStickies'] = '1';
$Configuration['AUTOCLOSE_OpenWhispers'] = '1';
$Configuration['AUTOCLOSE_OpenCategories'] = '0';
$Configuration['AUTOCLOSE_SETUP'] = '1.3';
$Configuration['NO_SHIT_VERSION'] = '0.2';
$Configuration['NO_SHIT_REPLACEMENT_STRING'] = '****';


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