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Snitz Forum Import

edited February 2009 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
This was mentioned fleetingly a long time ago - - but I was wondering how possible it would be? The task, as I see it, could be broken down into the following steps; 1. Match up the fields between Snitz and Vanilla. Identify where there are gaps and decide if a default value is required, or if fields need to be split/merged to bring them into Vanilla. 2. Datetime fields in Snitz are stored as strings (internally Snitz uses a StrToDate() VBScript function to turn them back into dates - this gets around some of the international format headaches that plague VBScript / Classic ASP). These would need to be converted to Vanilla format. 3. Snitz stores passwords using one-way SHA256 encryption. Not sure the encryption used in Vanilla, but assuming it's different I suspect the best way to handle this would be to bring the password over to a new field in its encrypted form, and then when a user logs in for the first time on the new forum, it will check the SHA256 password, and if that matches, write the new encrypted password into the database (probably discarding the original Snitz SHA256 entry at the same time). 4. The Snitz PM system would probably need to be converted to Whispers, or optionally one of the Private Message add on systems. I have a feeling that the best way to process the above would be to create temporary tables at the Vanilla (MySQL) end, and then get Snitz's MS SQL to squirt the data over via Enterprise Manager DTS. Once you have all the original data in MySQL it would be much easier to do all the coversion/comparison stuff than trying to do it on-the-fly when importing. That would also allow for previewing the converted data before completely screwing up your original Vanilla tables. I've been running a Snitz board for the last 6 years, so know my way around that part of the equation. Just starting to get to grips with PHP/MySQL and Vanilla formats, so if anyone has experience of converting other boards to Vanilla, your input would be valuable.
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