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Need a recommendation for Private Messaging system

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Hi everyone, I would like some recomendations for a private messaging system. I've seen 2 extensions for a private messaging system. 1) UserMessages 2) PrivateMessages I've tried both but have different thoughts. UserMessages creates messages from the new discussion link on the side which auto fills usernames into the whisper field, but it has an inbox tab at the top that doesn't lead to the mailbox (dead link). Private Messages has a private message link instead of using the start new discussions (which i prefer it having it's own link) and it uses the inbox link at the top of the page properly but it doesn't auto fill user names in. Neither extension provides some sort of method of cleaning out your inbox (aka delete) and neither one notifies you that you have mail waiting from what I can tell. Could someone please make some suggestions. Thanks!


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    edited February 2009
    Have you tried using the "Whisper Notification" extension?

    Vanilla comes built-in with a Private Messaging system. All a user has to do is whisper a discussion to the user they wish to have a private conversation with.

    Forums are supposed to be fairly public by nature. If you want a "private" discussion with multiple people, you can use Email :)
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    sirlancelot thanks for the reply! yes i know about the whisper function and think it's great honestly, but i'm trying to convert my old phpforum user base into this vanilla forum and i know they want a private messaging system similar to what they had. people hate change after all. and i tried the whisper notification but it doesn't seem to notify me when there is a whisper... where should i be looking? is it incompatible with privatemessages or usermessages?
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    Whisper Notification will bring to the user's attention when they log in. If you want email notification, try Notifi.

    I also recommend disabling all your other "Whisper" feature-changing extensions as they might conflict with each other.

    Nobody likes change, but people will be more open to it when you explain it's a change for the better :) Also, a good idea might be to explain in detail what has changed and how to accomplish the same task on the new system.
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    sirlancelot: thanks man. i've got email notification but i'll check out notifi anyhow. i've ended up going with private messages. it turns out it works prefectly but without notification but i thought it wasn't completing user names because it was in conflict with window collapse. once i disabled that it auto completes user names. it's mostly perfect. i will disable all whisper notification features though to see what works and what doesn't. and yes... i'm gonna have to make a Tour Post explaining all the bells and whistles. :)
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