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some questions before using vanilla ..

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Hi there .. I just discovered vanilla , and I really liked how it looks , a very unique forum software .. I have a phpBB forum , for my site (under construction) and I think I'll convert it to vanilla .. So I have some few questions to ask if you allow me of course : 1) I have subforums in my old board , even subforums from second level , if I install vanilla , then install the subforums plugin , subforums will be converted ? how it will look like ? 2) is the conversion working with all vanilla versions ? if not , what's the version that I must install before converting ? and where can I find the download links ? 3) the last question .. my site is based on article submission , when visting a vanilla forum profile , we can see this # Real Name # Email n/a # Account Created Jan 17th 2009 # Last Active Jan 22nd 2009 # Visit Count 5 # Discussions Started 1 # Comments Added 2 can I (using an add on) add others field to the profile ? and more specifically , can I add an "Articles written" field , that counts posts made in a specific category of my forum ? meaning , if I had a category called Article submission , and the the member posted 6 disucussions in this category , then , in his profile , we will see # Articles written 6 ?? is it possible ???? heuuu , sorry , but what whispered comments or discussions does mean ? thanks for answering a new guy in this wonderful forum Toon-c


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    I don't know how the migrator works but I am pretty sure that that the present subcategories will be converted as subcategories but as normal 'root' categories. However, it should not be such a big effort to restructure the categories (Its just a little name renaming).
    Here a screenshot how subcategories look like. image

    Yes there exists a plugin which lets you add lots of new fields to the profile page.
    For your "Articles written" field you probably have to write yourself an own plugin.

    Whispered comments and discussions:
    "A whisper is a private message that appears inline with a discussion. Only you and the recipient of the whisper can see the whisper. It won’t affect the paging or comment counting of discussions. It’s a way for you to say something secretly to another member in the middle of a discussion. You can also create entirely private discussions by entering a whisper recipient when starting a discussion. Then only you and the recipient can see the entire discussion."
    Vanilla DokuWiki about Whispering
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    thanks a lot # mumpitz for this complete answer .. for 3) I'm not really good at making mods / plugins , is there someone who can make this for me ? an old user that understands the system or developper ? (like modders in the phpBB community) , I think that will be easy for a developper .. ok , but now to start , ther is no answer for question 2 ??? thanks ..
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    For #2: AFAIK, the basic DB structure hasn't ever changed for Vanilla 1+, so any conversion should be OK.
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    thanks a lot for answering , I installed vanilla !
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