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convert from Vanilla to something else

edited February 2009 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Is it possible to convert from Vanilla to another forum package? I have a board with over 3,100 users and they are getting very frustrated. They hate the whisper and I cannot find a PM addon that seems to work with 1.1.5. They don't really care for the look and feel of it. They generally aren't happy with it at all but tolerate it for now because my forum is basically the only one of its kind on the internet.


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    edited February 2009
    Yes its possible. Go to the website of your preferred forum software and start searching for it ;)
    I know that SMF has migrator script. If its any good, I don't know.
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    I tried their converter and it didn't work. I think I could get them to settle down if I could at least find a "traditional" private message system. That would settle them down for a bit but I can never find one, that seems to work, or hint that anyone is even thinking about making one.
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    When coupled with the "Discussion Filters" extension, the whisper feature matches any other private messaging system.

    Perhaps all they require on your site is a little walkthrough that explains some of the basics? Maybe even something as simple as directing them to the Vanilla documentation on Whispering.
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    edited February 2009
    Thats an interesting one. I hadn't seen it before, that might work. I think the way to try to solve my other problem is using the Poll extension...if I can get it to work. I run a trading community and people want to be able to rate each other based on their trades, like eBay feedback but I dont see a way to do that so what I think I will do is use polls. The topic could be the users name and the simple poll question...Is this person a good trader Yes or No and that will tally a feedback right? Might be a little cumbersome on the database but if it works then people should be much happier. Hey, that extension works great...I will let you know how user feedback goes. Thanks!
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