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Personal Web Site Integration

Excuse me for being "brief", but I completely lost my entire submission from earlier, because the forum signed me out while I was in the process of typing it, apparently. Using the "back button did not work, and about 20 minutes worth of typing was lost. I am aware of the head.php and foot.php files that may be edited in vanilla in order to integrate your web site, but this seems like you are designing your site around vanilla and not the other way around. This doesn't make sense to me from the perspective of a web site that wants to use a forum as a tool and not as its purpose. In my vast searching of the subject for different forum software, I've never really seen this issue addressed. In any case, suffice to say that just editing the head.php and foot.php does not work for me because I have to segment my header and footer files in such a way that they make since in the same context. In addition, when using php includes, I ran into errors with this method and had to brute force copy code, which does not allow for dynamic updating of my main site's header and footer without having to go in and figure out what to change in Vanilla as well. This is not desired. Also, after this brute force implementation, my site has some funky behaviour... (The Main Site) -> (With Forum Integration) -> Discrepancies include: navigation bar was mutilated, footer text is missing (not just a change in color because it cannot be selected), and there seems to be information missing from the actual forum. For example, a way to "sign-in" seems to be missing. From lack of experience with Vanilla, I could not tell you if there is anything else missing form the forum content. Believing that this was a css file issue, I copied my layout css to the end of the vanilla css, but nothing happened. In any case, I'm looking for a more elegant solution. I had previously been trying SMF, using output buffering in php, but it requires an SMF specific integration hook called "integrate_redirect". As far as I know nothing like that is available for Vanilla. The code I used to implement this with SMF looked like this: ------------------------------------------------------ <?php define('SMF_INTEGRATION_SETTINGS', serialize(array( 'integrate_redirect' => 'integrate_redirect', ))); ob_start(loadPage); ob_start(); include("forum/index.php"); $buffer = ob_get_contents(); ob_end_clean(); $buffer = loadPage($buffer); include("/home/beyonda1/public_html/header.php"); echo $buffer; include("/home/beyonda1/public_html/footer.php"); function loadPage($buffer) { $replace_url=""; $new_url = ""; $buffer = str_replace($replace_url, $new_url, $buffer); return $buffer; } function integrate_redirect(&$setLocation, $refresh) { if ($setLocation=='') $setLocation = ""; $setLocation = loadPage($setLocation); } ob_start("callback"); ?> ------------------------------------------------------ Is there anything equivalent to this with Vanilla? Without that integration hook, Vanilla does not seem to be able to integrate with the same method.


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    I'll be interested in any answer .. thanks
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    I totally agree- it is so frustrating that the people who write forum software want web site designers to conform to them, not the other way round. Surely it would be so easy if you could say reserve the top, right, left and bottom say 50 (or whatever )pixels % etc or whatever combination you want for YOUR OWN HTML from your own website. Then the forum would sit inside. I do not want to comprimise my site to fit into some forum software . Whoever can pull this off will win I think as it's a common frustration.
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    The layout of Vanilla can completely be changed to whatever a designer desires. There's more files in the themes/ folder than just the head.php and foot.php. Read about Creating themes in Vanilla.

    The best solution would be to create an extension that adds whatever HTML code you need, as can be seen in this example: Appearance changes.

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