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WYSIWYG Editors for Comments Help

Thanks in advance for your help. I am having trouble adding a WYSIWYG editors for comments extension. I have tried tinymice and FCKeditor but nothing comes up when I start a new discussion. They are in the right directory and all other extension I have loaded have worked. Any ideas?


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    the same problems (
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    Do they show up in your extensions list? Are they turned on? What browser are you using (they won't work on safari)? Did you follow any special instructions (ie editing js or php files)? Do you have an HTML parsing extension installed (ie HTML formatter)? Did you read through the commets on the bottom of the add on page? Personally, I've gotten so frustrated at the WYSIWYG editors with vanilla, that I've given up for now... I'm hoping there is something usable in the new version coming out soon.. I'm still building my site and not ready for public use, so I'm kinda hoping vanilla 2 comes out soon and resolves a ot of issues I'm having... In the mean time, I'm trying to learn about how some of this stuff works.. I would lke to fix this getting logged out stuff though while I wait.. If you get one of these editors working to the degree that you like them more than you hate them, let me know.. I'd love to have a workable editor... Anyone know if this is something being addressed in version 2? (please, please, please)
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    I have installed html formatter 2.4 and yes they show up and I can activate them in the extensions list but the nothing. I installed html formatter after tinymice and FCKeditor could that be a problem. After deactivating all of them i activated html formatter then tried FCKeditor and then tinymice
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    Did you read through the comnets on each add on page.. And did you check out the readme files in the add ons, as wel as any special instructions on the add on page.. With some add ons, you have open up a core vanilla file or two and do some code replacement.. If you follow the instructions carefully, this isn't too painful.. Haven't tried fkc editor.. as I read the discussions and it didn't automatically trun off in sarfari, so I didn't try it.. I tried tiny mce, but couldn't get it to work right.. most of the feature plain didn't work.. Tried the Yahoo GUI editor, and it worked btter than tiy mce, but was still a pita... that one is a bit of a pan to download, and you have to edit some files in vanilla.. they all seem to break the spell checker add ons, the vanillacons, the preview checkers, etc... If you're committed to trying it, I think there a hue thread on here somewhere about the fkc editor... I'd rather just get the html formatter working right for me (it doesn't)... and just have people hand code the html until I can check out verson 2... I'm hoping this new verson fixes most of the issues I'm having, and also gives novices lie me the ability to custom design the 'look' and 'feel' of the thing to be more in line with the css of the rest of my website..... would be awesome, if it's set up to reference one or a very few external css pages (would be killer if they were all in one folder and plainly named with full commenting) that are clear and understandable for us clumsy green site designers...
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