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Need help with Multi-Roles...

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I'd really appreciate some help...and I'm not a programmer. Here's what I'm striving to set up... I have installed and set up a Vanilla forum. It came with the "General" category and I've added 5 more categories where each one corresponds to a specific eBook I sell. It came with a "Member" role and I've added 5 more roles that correspond to the categories which correspond to a specific eBook. The idea is that if a person signs up, they become a "Member" who has access to the "General" category. Then, for each of my eBooks they've bought, I want to grant them the corresponding role which gives them access to the corresponding category. In other words, buy no eBooks, only see "General" category. Buy eBooks, see and get access to other categories. So, I added the "Multi-Role" extension that was at this link: I then logged in as Admin, turned the Multi-Role extension on, did a search on users which revealed my one "Test" member. I click that member's link and then click their "Change Role" link. I leave the main role as member and then clicked a couple of the other roles that correspond to purchased eBooks, added a "Change Role Note" and clicked "Change Role". Next, I log out as Admin and log back in as Test. Unfortunately, the only category that shows up in the Test account is still the "General" category. I don't see either of the two other roles / categories I selected for this user. Am I doing something wrong? Or, is there something wrong at the software level? Again, I really appreciate any help that anyone is gracious enough to give me.


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    Here's an update... I renamed the "General" category to "General-Men". I then added another category called "General-Women". I then logged out as Admin, logged back in as my "Test" account... Now, I see "General-Men", "General-Women", and ONE of the TWO roles / categories that are turned on for the Test user. ??????? Again, I really appreciate any help.
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    I sure hope someone can help me with this... I really like the Vanilla forum concept and would prefer to use it as my forum software.
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    I am not familiar with the multi-role extenion. However, have you thought about this: Instead of assigning multiple roles - only assign one role, then make categories only available for certain roles. For instance: * Have a category that anyone can view, including those that have not purchased and ebook. This would be similar to your "General" category. * Have your next category set to where only a certain role, plus any roles below that in the "chain" can participate in. When someone purchases and ebook (what ever your criteria is), change their role from member to the next level up. * If the person buys additional ebooks, enough to advance to the next category, again - change their category - thus making it able for that member to participate in the categories set to the role you advanced them to, plus any category below that level. Remember, when you create a category, you can set the role permission for that category. By changing a members role to be able to view one level of categories and all levels below it. Hope this makes sense. Basically, you can set up all of your categories with different levels of roles being able to participate in that particular category. When a member of the forum meets your criteria to view the next category, change their role
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