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sorry to go...

edited April 2009 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I'm leaving my forum and would like to leave this community.
sorry to go

Vanilla is awesoem software and I loved it, but I am not using it anymore and would like to delete my community account here.
But, I can't find anywhere how I can delete my Lussumo Community account, nor can I find support to email and ask.
I suppose I could go on a raging flame post and get banned but I do not want to do that to you guys..

So, how do I get myself removed from here the pacifist way?


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    It never ceases to amaze me how people don't understand the concept of not posting. You were last active a year ago.

    grep is your friend.

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    What's more, interesting stats:

    Account Created Jul 29th 2008
    #Last Active 1 day ago
    #Visit Count 2
    #Discussions Started 1
    #Comments Added 1

    Makes ya wonder what's to hide/remove? the fact that you did not actually participate?
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    LOL, well spotted Tom :D It's kinda pointless jjey asking for this since they haven't participated anyway... It's a valid point though - I agree that there should be a way to cancel an account with Vanilla. What you do with the posts is always a sticky issue, and can be dealt with on a per forum basis depending on their usage agreement, but at the very least you should be able to remove your account profile and all your personal details. there are many reasons why someone could want to cancel their account, I'm surprised this hasn't come up before actually.
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    I agree with the account profile removal, but one can erase that oneself, not?!? I would be in favor of having the account profiles blocked from showing up in google searches (pref. as a user preference, but if not, hiding them is to be preferred IMHO). In this particular case my guess us that jjey wants his/her identity removed because the vanilla identity ranks really high in google (and shows they're inactive).

    I thoroughly disagree with removal of posts. If one participates in a forum the contributions (however smart, stupid, degrading, trolling, etc.) are 'donated' to the forum, add to the 'wealth' of the forum, and cannot be removed. One cannot reasonably ask to have their existence erased when one no longer feels like it. It ruins threads, decreases the value of the forum, is never complete (people quote) and last but not least, would reduce the need for people to 'behave' properly. If you don't want to bear the responsibility of your actions on-line, then my best suggestion is changing nicks for each forum, and not register with your your avatar name/alter ego...

    (FYI, I use different nicks for different things/personas, TT is my tech persona).
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