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Post via email



  • i thought he was running extensions through the users table? An extensions table will make it easier though. But i was gonna get round to the subscription and unsubscription once i'd got the mailer working. Do you know which object stores the username of a session? And the discussion id?
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    currently, yes, extension settings are being stored via the user table. They're serialized and numbered which right now would be a headache to manage a dynamic range of threads and track stuff like you want to do. If I had to round this out, I'd throw a SubscribedTo row into the discussions table and populate it with user id's that want to receive updates. Because right now I can't think of an easier way to pull this off (sorry just waking up). I suppose you could do something of the same utilizing the user table and serializing a value with all the threads the user want's to recieve updates to as well but glueing everything together could be tedious and drive one crazy.
  • franklinmint figured a way to do it on o8 when he got his cameraphone... anyone ask him?
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Chris, I think at the time, either Mark had a means to post from email set up, or franklin probably hacked a custom form into his phone :D
  • probably both. and yeah lech - i've resigned to waiting for the extensions table. it only makes sense.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    good deal, hopefully more flexibility will be there in the long run.
  • I would be interested in this feature, to post via email. I will look into it myself, but also am very busy, so wondering if anything was progressed on it? I do believe it has a purpose, to post from a pda, mobile or simply in a web-restricted office.
  • I too, am interested in this. I like Blueshark's comments.
  • It would certainly be a powerful feature. Just to note another discussion going on here
  • I am also interested into posting via e-mail.
  • This is basically asking for a mailing list and a forum in one right? Something like If so I'd love to have a Lussumo version of Nabble ;)
  • The big advantage of this is that people check their email very very frequently, people have outlook on the whole time at work. Email will be a much faster and easier way for them to get the replies for discussions they've posted and to reply back also. Many people at work wouldn't click on a link in the email to go on a leisure site full of fancy graphics but might well reply by email if they had a chance. But the main advantage - people have more and more memberships in tens of websites all over the web. They cannot possibly visit them all, especially if the community is still small. They register, read what they're interested in and leave, sometimes never returning again. However, if they were able to easily subscribe to a discussion to their email, they'd be much more likely to stay and participate. IMO this add-on would be in the interest of anyone starting off a Vanilla community.
  • I'd be interested in this. I'm sure it's a lot of work though as you're basically writing a mailing list program...
  • Any update on the ability to post and comment via email?
  • bump, please... anyone?
  • Okay so i want to roll out vanilla to a group of old foggies who may or may not like the forum style but deffinitlly want try it. In order to ease them in i will need a way for vanilla to send out any new posts to peoples email and then be able to receive replies to those emails and post in the proper discussion. In essence turning the forum into a email list/forum hybrid. I know PHPBB has a similiar feature called Mail-2-Forum. I really like vanilla though and would prefer to use it. I have a team of 3 beg. programmers who can devote 1 1/2 weeks, 10hrs per week to the task. Would it be possible to develope this functionality in that time?
  • What's a beg. programmer?
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