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Vanilla 2.0 Feature Requests

edited April 2009 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Thought I'd kick it off after playing around with the public beta ( - Is it possible to make the nested replies an option to the admin? I'm not too fond of them and I know a couple of my members on the forum I run arn't too fond of them either. - I didn't notice this happening on the beta and I know it's just a beta at the moment anyway but the activity stream and also notifications and other similar screens, can they be real time? I think that would offer a huge edge that not many other forum packages have. - Lastly, again didn't notice this happening on the beta, can there be a notification pop-up (through AJAX) for new activity so that it's noticeable.. perhaps by option in the usercp?


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    For you first request... I don't really understand the purpose of the nested-replies. I am afraid that they will confuse users. However, if its not able to turn them off be default, someone (if not me) will write a plugin to deactivate those... So don't worry ;)

    For the real time stuff... Isn't there the issue of giving the servers a to high load?
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    There is a reason why all the major forums are flat style. Nested comment are just not readable beyond two levels. It completely messes up themes and style, and not to mention being slower.

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    mumpitz: Definitely, it should be an option to have or not and with good caching server load shouldn't really be too much of an issue. x00: Well the nested replies in Vanilla 2 are up to the second level but I still think it should at least be an option.
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    Personally one level is enough IMO. Just to branch off topic a little, otherwise they can have aprivvate conversation. Plus text only IMO if it is not possible what you want at ATM then it should be easily an extension. i don't think they should waste time on it.

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    I have put together a nested comments plugin for vanilla 2 here:

    Without being able to structure comments, the forum software seems pretty limited to me. If every discussion was simply two people talking to each other, I would understand it more, but large discussions with many people are generally a lot more structured.

    Anyway, the plugin is there, so take it as you like. It is a bit fresh, so expect some bugs until I iron them out.
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