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Login / Sign in redirect url problem (becomes http://://www etc)

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I have a problem with the sign in function. I've been searching and reading the forum for some days, trying to figure out if it was a common and resolved issue, but I found nothing. So, here it is: sometimes (randomly) when I sign in my Vanilla forum it redirects me to the wrong url. When it works properly I sign in and be redirected to but instead when the problem happens it adds a :// in between and I land on a blank page located here http://:// Of course there's no page there, because that's not a valid url! How do I solve this? Is it a ReturnUrl problem? What can I do? Or should I look for SAFE_RETURN_URL? (I tried to replace it, but then I couldn't sign in at all). Thanks for helping me. P.S. If I mispelled something it's because I'm italian. Also, I'm new to Vanilla, but I am absolutely inclined to open and explore conf and setting php files, so if the solution is something even a little bit complicated, no problem, I'll do it because I need to fix this before I can properly use my forum.


  • This is similar to a problem I'm having, Francesco. I've described it in greater detail here: No fix yet. I've contacted my hosting company to see if there may be an issue similar to what others have described while using GoDaddy. Will let you know if I hear something that could help. Matt
  • Thanks a lot. I changed the HTTP_METHOD in conf/settings.php file and it seems to work for now. I hope the issue is gone for good. :)
  • This bug also shows up when clicking on the Top of Page link on a discussion page.
  • My sign in URL is : My HTTP_METHOD is correct, don't know what to do here 0_o
  • I've come across this problem on my local dev setup (MAMP, like LAMP but on a Mac). By repeat install/removal of all from the db to the files, I've worked out what I think is the problem (not the answer, sorry, not that clever ;) Here's the sequence: 1. To be sure, post expand of the ZIP and post creation of the db but pre-install script run, I check the /conf folder and it's 777 (good I think). 2. Run install and upon arrival at step 3 of 3, I note the /conf folder now has some auto-gen'd .PHP files. The files have permissions of 644 (rekon they should be 777?) but more importantly, the Group/Owner setting is good for Group but 'wrong' for Owner. In my system, files are set to Owner 'alan' and these files are set to Owner '_www'. 3. I hand set the Owner on the files back to 'alan' and then set all files in /conf to perms of 777. -- pause to note I think 1. through 3. above are a problem in their own right (maybe a problem with my setup, not Vanilla) -- my setup, I run on a normal user login (not an Administrator login) and my webserver (MAMP Pro) runs on an Administrator login -- it has to to work. Don't know if this is helpful to know. -- 4. I login and all ok. I logout and back in and always OK, over and over. Close the browser and open it again and login and I get the malformed URL with the extra :// in. 5. I hand edit the URL in the address bar and I login fine, I can now login and out over and over, no problem. If I close the browser and open it again and login, I get the :// problem again. 6. I open /conf/settings.php and hand edit $Configuration['HTTP_METHOD'] = 'http://'; to $Configuration['HTTP_METHOD'] = 'http'; save and quit the browser and now I can login, close the broswer, open it and login, no problems remain. Foot note: Coda, my editor, highlights what it sees as non HTML/code content, and when opening the settings.php file, it highlights to 'hard carrige returns/paragraph markers' where I've added an 'X' below: <?phpX // Application SettingsX assuming these to be 'bad', I deleted them. So, from the above I have a workaround for my environment running Vanilla and hope this is helpful to others. Vanilla is excellent, tried it a LONG time ago and loved it even tho' only used to test in a dev setup, hoping this time to get to deploy for a client -- thanks to all concerned, from Mark O'Sullivan to plugin authors to other forum people for these great resources. Cheers, -Alan
  • anyone found a solution to this already? i'm finding the same problem in the same MAMP setup... don't dare to put this online yet...
  • right now i also am using the solution of changing the HTTP_METHOD to "http" and not "http://" and it's working fine for now. Am not sure if this is the proper way to solve it, though.
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