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Create your own search engine? What is your opinion on this?


This site allows you to "roll your own search engine". Basically, you create your own search limited to the sites you chose.

So I could make an "Xbox Search", and limit it to,,, etc.

Its a pretty cool concept. I dunno about the interface, seems to get in the way compared to something like Google, but nonetheless, its pretty neat. What are your opinions?

EDIT: Oh, and it uses Yahoo for results.


  • lechlech Chicagoland
    And Yahoo gets it's results from google... This looks neat, but I'd like to see some primative or semi-intermediate crawler source if I could get my hands on it along with another spare box to harvest it all on. Along with it's own dedicated line to do my surfing for it :D
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    Does Yahoo still get its results from Google? I thought they had moved on to using their Alltheweb aqcuisition along with Inktomi by now?

    But here's another question...what would be the benefit of recrawling all kinds of stuff over again? The big search engines have already done it for you and they have tons more info than you can ever hope to accumulate.
  • Hmm. I cant really see myself using it because i dont tend to do *such* defined searches and google usually does a pretty good job, but it is a neat concept. Certainly one i've not seen before and it seems to have been put together well.
  • wish i would have thought of the idea, but i would never use it myself kind of thing.
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    Yeah, its interesting, but I wouldn't need to use it at all.

    Its often good to have results you don't necessarily expect - you can find more relevant information doing that than you could if you narrowed your search.
  • jesusphreak is correct about the yahoo question.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    As far as I know, yahoo grabs its results still from google and possibly inktomi does as well. I remember seeing a chart a while ago outlining who exchanged what data with who and the whole supply/demand chain between all the major search engines. I'm sure that in part, the data is reduced and specialized for each engine in a certain manner then recrawled for accuracy and so on.
  • yahoo and google used to have a deal where yahoo used google results, but it was not renewed in 2004. yahoo's acquired inktomi and alltheweb in addition to their own directory and stuff like dmoz since then has been used by yahoo instead of google.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    ahh, gotcha
  • people still use yahoo?
  • lol
  • heh. i used askjeeves the other day. it seemed so wierd that back in the day everyone would be like 'go and ask jeeves!' and now its like...ask who?
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    hehe, these days it's more like "fuck everything else, google rules supreme!". And the sad part is, they're still airing ask jeeves commercials here on the tele.
  • I havent used Excite, or Yahoo in years. Never used Jeeves. I hate it. Altavista was another one. Tried that MSN Search the other day. Its not too bad. Gave me better results (better ones I liked anyways) on a few searches vs google too.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Each engine has it's own potential and services. One thing I liked about altavista was babelfish, it's helped me a ton but as far as search results go, I preffer google over the rest unless it's a really specialized search. I just find it funny how all the once great search sites like hotbot have given up and pointed themselves towards the engines at the top of the food chain.
  • what success have people enjoyed with meta-search engine: i would be interested to read since their award yesyterday
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