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Textual content of a post appears hidden on first load

edited May 2009 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
OK, so here is my weird problem:

Textual content of a post appears hidden on first load, and shows correctly upon subsequent page reloads.

Tested on FF3, IE7, Chrome, Safari 3 for Mac. What's more strange, is that an embedded youTube video appears normally on the same page, just the text gets lost. I looked at the page source in all aforementioned browsers and found that block of disappearing text in all of them except IE7 which instead output this: <!--qp-->.

After a page reload all browsers show the same page source with an exception of IE7 which shows an updated version with the disappearing text in place and no <!--qp-->.

Here is an example page:

Steps to reproduce: load the page in a browser, view source, reload the page, view source again, compare.

I have updated Vanilla to the latest version and saw no change.
Thanks a lot!


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