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Two attempts required to login and post comments

edited June 2009 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I've already posted this problem in the "URL redirect" discussion, thinking the problem might be related to the HTTP_METHOD installer problem described therein, but I thought I should probably hang it out on it's own clothesline in case there are folks out there with the same experience and better insight. There are actually two problems, and I'm wondering if they are somehow related: (1) It often (but not always) requires two attempts to login or to add a comment. Often when a user adds a comment, he/she gets an "Unknown error" message, but the second click will post the comment. Similarly, the first login attempt sometimes takes the user to a "file not found" message. Workaround seems to be to hit the "Back" button, wait for the sign-up page to reappear, and sign in for a second time. Doesn't seem to matter whether you've clicked the "Remember me" cookie-installer or not. Posting and login always seem to work on the second try; never requires a third attempt that I am aware of. (2) Vanilla seems to kick users off for reasons that have nothing to do with the built-in timeout. It could be after 10 minutes or 2 hours. (Just for an experiment, I left myself signed in to this forum for four hours and the machine hasn't thrown me out yet.) The unintended sign-outs typically happen when adding a comment (posting) or hitting the browser's "Back" button. It has happened to me once when attempting to save settings. Signing back in again seems to clear the pipes and the next attempt to do whatever you were trying to do before you were so rudely signed out works just fine. So in effect it takes you two attempts to post, go back a page, save settings, whatever. This is why I think the two problems may be related. Seems to happen to all users, regardless of the browser or platform. Additionally, the login problem was present before I enabled any extensions. Any ideas would be much appreciated. With all good wishes, Nick


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    What do you mean by built-in timeout? I have been reported author lost editing big post and be logged out on its, and I am very bothered about it. I am investigating to fix that disconnect problem. The behaviour differs from one PC to another, some PC are never disconnected. Session closes often when moving from one tab to another.
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