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Address not found error on login, page back, all is fine [FiXED]

edited May 2009 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I just installed Vanilla on a 1and1 shared host. My main problem with it is that when one logs in, ie; enter id/pw, hit submit, I get a "Address not found" in Firefox. I can, however, page back and Have the main page with me logged in, and all is good. Looking at the source for the default page, I can see:

Note the extra ://

I know that Vanilla is going through and big rewrite, but can someone help me correct this?

I've look at the setting in conf/settings.php and don't see anything.

Can someone explain to me how this ReturnUrl is formed? My php skills aren't the greatest. I think this is a great board. I've been taking to a few people who think boards are dead. In light of such things as twitter and blog style comments, I do believe a means for a sustained discussion is still needed. I think this board moves towards that end. I would like to continue to use Vanilla, but I need to have a working board and I can't wait on Vanilla 2.

I have an issue with membership notification emails too. but I'll see what happen with this post before I go there.



  • I found the answer in the thread below:

    If you have a problem logging in check conf/settings.php for:

    $Configuration['HTTP_METHOD'] = 'http://';

    If that is what you see, change it to:

    $Configuration['HTTP_METHOD'] = 'http';

    That fixed my problem.
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