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Updated wordpress integration

edited May 2009 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I tried to integrate vanilla and wordpress by following the instructions on this page:

It didn't work. I can log in via wordpress. I can reset my password. After doing so I can log in with with Wordpress and Vanilla.

However! After I log in with Wordpress I can't login with or to Vanilla anymore.

This query in People.Class.WordpressAuthenticator.php returns 0 results.

// Retrieve matching username/password values
$s = $this->Context->ObjectFactory->NewContextObject($this->Context, 'SqlBuilder');
$s->SetMainTable('User', 'u');
$s->AddJoin('Role', 'r', 'RoleID', 'u', 'RoleID', 'inner join');
$s->AddSelect(array('UserID', 'Name', 'Password'), 'u');
$s->AddSelect('PERMISSION_SIGN_IN', 'r');
$s->AddWhere('u', 'Name', '', $Username, '=');
$s->AddWhere('u', 'Password', '', md5($Password), '=', 'and', '', 1, 1);
$s->AddWhere('u', 'Password', '', $Password, '=', 'or');

Any idea how I can modify that to work with the latest version of Wordpress?



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