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Creating new Stylesheets: which files to alter?

edited June 2009 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Hi there,

I'm looking into creating a new stylesheet for a brand new setup of an already running forum (very content about Vanilla by the way!)
I don't want anything too drastic, but some minor colour changes etc would be handy to differentiate the new forum from the old one.

This might be a rather dumb question, but I noticed there are 4 different CSS files. Do I need to change all 4 of those when creating a new style, or does one simply alter the vanilla.css?
I searched this forum but no luck so far on this issue. Also, it would be handy to know which file affects which parts.

Help/tips would be appreciated!


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    If you don't plan on changing the markup, then you just create a new style under themes/vanilla/styles/. If you are using a different theme, replace "vanilla" with the name of your theme.

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    Thanks sirlancelot!

    I did see the page you linked to - that does help me to understand how to implement them. What I'm wondering about is whether I have to change just the one file called vanilla.css or all 4 .css files in that directory (vanilla.css, vanilla.print.css, people.css, utility.css)?

    For example, if I just want to change some of the colours and the typeface of the entire forum, can I do this in 1 file or do I need to alter all 4 of them?
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    After some more research I found information in a few other posts. Those combined give me the following information:

    vanilla.css: for general look & feel
    people.css: for all people pages such as login,
    vanilla.print.css: is used when you print a page
    utility.css: is used when vanilla throws an error

    taking from that, if I alter vanilla.css & people.css this *should* alter the look & feel of all the (normal) pages users will see - correct?
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    Each Stylesheet accomplishes a different function. I would keep all 4 of them open when you're making changes, especially color changes, just to make sure you get a consistent look.
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    ok, thanks for the recommendations!
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