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Stickies not in Discussions tab

edited June 2009 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
When we make a discussion sticky it disappears from the Discussions tab and has its stickiness limited to when viewing the category it's in. How do we make stickies show up on the Discussions tab like you have them here at Lussumo Community? Also, is there a way to make some stickies appear in the Discussions tab, but others appear only when viewing that category?


  • SheilaSheila ✭✭
    Hi Hannah!

    Are you the admin of the forum with access rights to add-ons? Just a guess but that sounds like the behavior of what Remove Sticky Discussions does.
  • Hiya Sheila! :) I am but a lowly moderator, I will ask the admin which add-ons we have. We've had Vanilla only since the weekend and all the mods were complaining this morning about the stickies not being on the list, so if it turns out the admin installed Remove Sticky Discussions, we'll pelt him with rotten eggs.
  • SheilaSheila ✭✭
    Hahaa. It might not be because of the add-on but that was first thing that came to my mind, as a controlfreak admin myself :D

    I've been playing with Vanilla only few weeks but those have been quite an intense few weeks and partly because of the reason above mentioned, gone also thru and tested almost every add-on.

    Hopefully I was able to help and if it turns out to be because of add-on, apologises to The Admin for revealing the secret. ;)
  • Haha, you were able to help, thank you. Our Vanilla does have Remove Sticky Discussions installed, mystery solved. I couldn't find any rotten eggs. Silly me for not talking to the admin a bit more before running off asking questions! *blush* I'm hoping we'll find a way to set some stickies to show up and others not to.
  • SheilaSheila ✭✭
    Superb, so glad I was able to help! :)

    No worries, how can one ask something they do not know they should be asking -> your admin should have informed you guys about the functionalities installed. Saw that u had a similar issue with another add-on too.

    To your issue wanting to have some stickies show up and some not, I suggest setting up a category called for example 'Announcements' that is lifted to the top in category order (task available only to admin role usually) and post important stuff there. Besides that you can use the normal stickies feature in other categories. In the end of the day, there is no add-on/feature/whatever to force and make sure that forum members actually read the important things so in order to play it on safe side is to have the amount of them as little as possible, otherwise it just might feel overwhelming and result the stickies and announcements to be overlooked.

    With some really really important stuff you might wanna ask your admin to have a look of Announcement or newsletter add-ons but then again, more frequently they keep popping up, more likely they will be ignored by users. And that is just human behaviour :D
  • For the record, our admin is the greatest admin in the world, and an all-round superman. I say this freely and spontaneously and not at all because he's a member here. ;) We have Announcement, I guess what we need is an add-on that stands next to the user at their pc and shouts DON'T POST THAT IN THERE YOU FOOL! Thanks for the ideas. :)
  • This post brought a question to mind. What is the point of this add on?
  • SheilaSheila ✭✭
    @ Hannah: Off course he is, I know frm by personal experience that beeing a admin is far from beeing an easy task sometimes. :)
    But then again, it can be also really rewarding.

    With posts ending up to wrong places, yes, that sign is the best idea. ;) Second best, if you allready have it not installed, could be ModTools and some time if and when having a new board, can take a while people getting used to of what posts go where.

    @Vinny788. Have no idea. Sobody else has to answer that. Guess just there's as many different needs than boards. And that's why I'm really glad switching to Vanilla since it's so higly customizable.
  • Yea. I think it's a strange add on, and you're completely right about Vanilla and it's greatness.
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