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edited October 2005 in Vanilla 1.0 Help Has anyone seen this yet? I'm thinking it would be nice to incorporate vanilla forums into their customizable portal page. I can't get it to recognize the ATOM feed, but I was thinking more along the lines of actual logins, thread reading, and posting.


  • It's such an awesome service...Been using it since they launched. You should see what they're adding. " * Full managing of the my feeds section * Search for feeds * Bookmarks module * Tag module * Stock quotes module * Flickr module * Todo-list module * Color themes * User background image * Read/Unread status * Multiple pages * OPML export" I cannot stand the Google homepage anymore.
  • *drops jaw. That thing is awesome! If only someone could make a vanilla themer with drag/drop/edit for the componants any man and his dog could be whipping out themes in minutes.
  • I've never seen that but I'm glad you have now.

    That's so awesome.

    *adds to bookmarks*
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    This is really nothing too spectacular. looks like whoever made this just rehacked some of that MS "search1" code or the yahoo/sbc login pages. Not too bad however, I wouldn't trust this with any of my personal data right away however.
  • I've used that for a while now. I stick all my RSS feeds on it, It's so much easier to just scan one page instead of looking through a list.
  • search1?
  • Hmm.. i'm having a play with it and its less customisable than it first appeared. Sound like it will be more productive when they implement some of the things in erissivas list. It would be nice to be able to open sites up in one of the mini portal windows so you could get a quick overview of a bunch of different stuff at once - then i'd *LOVE* it.
  • how is that so different from
  • dknowles - Google Homepage's cookies are all fscked up in Fx 1.5. Plus, the rendering is a little wierd too. There is much discussion about this on their groups page.
  • I tell you what else, out of,, and, start is the only one which has managed to grab a feed from lussumo. Presumably this issue is slightly on lussumo's part, but if start can do it then the other two are obviously going wrong somewhere...
  • Are there any more of these things aroung? I can see them becoming increasingly popular as people move more and more to the internet as their home on the pc - especially with this google/sun office whatsit that there are talks about. Out of the three seems to have the best range and capabilities, though the others are very nice. What would be good is if you could resize and position the boxes with a greater range of control - or even just say 'this box takes up 2 colums, aight?'
  • I saw a few demos, but they're not open for the general public yet. I know another open one, that has a lot of potential, but just isn't there yet.


    I've been trying out, but it won't let me add any custom feeds - only search to add. WHen I manually add - nothing appears. It says that it finds it, but nothing happens. *shrugs*

    I'll stick with Netvibes for now though. ;)
  • yeah erissiva, i had that sort of stuff on with the bookmarks and feeds, but now it seems happy enough. Not sure what i've done differently now.
  • edited October 2005
    That protopage is pretty spot on i must say - i love the colour changing/wallpapers/ability to resize and absolutely reposition boxes. Now it just needs all the plugins of for feeds..etc (though i'm sure they can be worked out by making html boxes but i dunno how) and its set.
  • Protopage is quality on a stick. Whilst I don't like the wallpapers themselves the actual slickness is great.
  • From the Protopage website: "This is version 1.0 of Protopage. Version 2.0 is currrently in development - please send your suggestions here. Thank you! Stay tuned! A flood of new features, including RSS News Feed support, coming soon." See - I'm just waiting to see which site grows up first - Protopage or Netvibes.
  • I'm hoping protopage. Or netvibes. They just need to mix into each other and add a whole dollop of with a couple of tsp's of google/ig. Perfect. I must say i prefer the look of netvibes how the cross/arrow/edit etc disappear except when you're mouseovering. And how the notes are instantly editable. But the resizing and positioning thing really is good. Conclusion: Mark should make one of these for his next project.
  • I find all of these type of sites useless myself...I use plain old google as a start page, and goto the news sites to read news. If I need anything special I make it myself. But my fiance loves this crap.
  • edited October 2005
    if it's of any consolation, from what i've seen at g-unit they can be a bit slow with getting things public. well, that's not true. it seems they rush things to public a lot then spend a lot of time on the bugfixes/new features.
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